Police Chief: Stay Off East Hampton Roads Unless Absolutely Necessary

Gusting winds is causing drifting in some areas, and highway workers are trying to clear the roads before temperatures drop further.

Montauk Highway in Water Mill on Friday morning. Credit: Taylor K. Vecsey
Montauk Highway in Water Mill on Friday morning. Credit: Taylor K. Vecsey
East Hampton residents are faring well, it seems, despite a snow storm dumping about eight inches in the area overnight, Town Police Chief Michael Sarlo said on Friday morning.

He reported no major issues as a result of Winter Storm Hercules — no power outages have been reported, either. However, gusting winds are causing drifting in some areas, Sarlo said. A continued drop in temperature — expected to fall to 2 degrees in East Hampton on Friday night — has caused town and village offices to close on Friday.

Highway crews in both the town and village have been out throughout the night. Village Police Captain Mike Tracey said, "Highway crews working hard to clear roads, but conditions outside still hazardous."

"Unfortunately, people are venturing out driving too soon which is causing difficulties for highway crews trying to keep up with the clearing," Sarlo said, noting that driving packs down what is still on the roads.

"Please do not venture out unless absolutely necessary," Sarlo said. While 4x4 vehicles help get through the snow, they don't help motorists stop, he said. "And starting from stopped position often will cause fish tailing and skidding out."

Despite the power staying on in East Hampton homes, the joint town and village Emergency Operations Center will remain open to field calls about outages, downed trees, and questions from residents. The town and village declared states of emergency on Thursday afternoon.

"We are maintaining our EOC into the afternoon as extreme cold temps are expected to follow in behind the storm," Sarlo said. "We are prepared to help any citizens who do lose power."

The chief asked, however, that residents check on their elderly neighbors. He also recommended cleaning off walkways and vehicles during the day, as lower temperatures will cause freezing and dangerous conditions into the evening.

For a working list of closures and places that are open, click here.

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Carole Campolo January 03, 2014 at 12:21 PM
Congratulations Chief Sarlo on your new position. And thank you and the great men and women of the East Hampton Town Police Department as well as Highway Superintendent Steve Lynch and his great staff for keeping our Town open and for keeping us all safe in this tough weather.


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