Get Ready, East End! Here Comes the Snow!

Spring Snow Storm to Hit East End
Spring Snow Storm to Hit East End
Polar Vortex. We didn't even know the words before this winter, but we sure know them now.

Just when you thought Mother Nature was through with us she is getting set to dump more snow on us. One to three inches are predicted overnight with another inch tomorrow morning for good measure.

There's no question we've had more snow than average. It's not all a matter of perception that it feels like a brutal winter.

We got off easy in December, but in January the snowfall accumulation was more than 15" above average, and in February it was 10" above average.

So far it looked like we'd squeak by in March with less than an inch of accumulation thus far, but that looks like it's about to change.

At least we're not Billings, MontanaThey've been hit with a record snowfall of more than 99 inches.


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