East Hampton EMT Lectures at Emergency Cardiovascular Care Seminar

David Baumrind traveled to Orlando last week to speak about High Performance CPR and other topics.

David Baumrind, a critical care emergency medical technician from East Hampton, traveled to Orlando, Florida, this week to present two topics at the Emergency Cardiovascular Care Update 2012.

Baumrind, who is a volunteer with the East Hampton Village Ambulance Association, co-presented with David Hiltz of the American Heart Association on High Performance CPR and the use of Structured and Supported Debriefings.

NOTE: Click on the links for each lecture to see Baumrind's slide show.

"Both topics reflect work I’ve done here to try to improve survival from sudden cardiac arrest," Baumrind told Patch. He said it was an honor to speak, and to present with Hiltz, who is highly regarded in his field.

"Many many months ago, at his urging, I had submitted a couple of abstracts about some of the work I had done in East Hampton involving resuscitation (High Performance CPR, and using the Structured and Supported Debriefings)... They both were accepted," said Baumrind, who has been an EMT since 2007 and an EMT-CC since 2009.

Baumrind was also instrumental in teaching the "Hands-Only CPR" to hundreds in East Hampton Village this year.

In Orlando, he and Hiltz spoke about how resuscitation training and education should not be considered a course for a single event, but rather a long-term progression in the development of CPR quality and an ongoing quest for beter insight.

Baumrind and Hiltz are graduates of the "Resuscitation Academy Fellowship Program," given by the Medic One Foundation in Seattle last fall, to learn why survival rates in other parts of the country, such as in Seattle, are higher. He learned that survival rates increase when "bystander" CPR is improved in the community.

At the ECCU he spoke about how Baumrind implemented what he learned back home.


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