Hipsters Coming to East Hampton this Season?

Change comes and goes. The change in Montauk has been the influx of young "hipsters" who seem to worship at the Surf Lodge as if it has become a "MECCA."
So the question is when will they find a "new" spot but in East Hampton? 

The Stephen Talkhouse the den of the aging single professional metrosexual and cougar has fought off catering to the hipsters perhaps due to its ownership's deep roots in the hippie movement and Woodstock Nation. The Talkhouse course winning formula has many lined up to pay $30 to just get in on a summer Saturday night. It is a becoming a National Historic Location.
So perhaps a new place will be born, manifest itself or reinvent itself. Now Lily Pond management has been catering to the Paris Hilton "club young DJ fun people" so I am thinking not quite the place for a "Hipster Happening." But somewhere will soon evolve in East Hampton perhaps as soon as some new NYC meat packing district club owner decides to transfer his vision of panache to the east end.

Sooner than later a new generation of "new money," has to settle into East Hampton. Billions are being made by that 1% and guess what those new tech kings are in their twenties. After all there are not enough trophy homes for the real winners of Wall Street! Especially in the Hamptons!

Locals born and raised in the Town of East Hampton have seen it all over the years and somehow carve out a nice life around the chaos of new summer season residents every year. They have their words like "citidiots" (or worse) for those who come east to summer.

Real locals are born, raised, schooled, married, and work within the town. No bartenders, waitresses, and shop employees are truly locals unless they fit that resume, however they do play an important role in the vibrancy of the flow of life in the town over the years. Second home owners play some roll too as they seem to be in abundance in the Spring and Fall to prepare or close up their second homes.

So the issue is when will a new wave of hipster CHANGE come to East Hampton Town and even more East hampton Village? Some think it will be this year. Montauk's scene has maybe peaked, and younger hipsters must find newer venues. So only time will tell where, but wisdom says soon.

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tim March 08, 2014 at 08:47 AM
The word is role, not roll.
MARTIN DREW March 08, 2014 at 09:50 AM
Tj - you mention hetrosexual and cougars but forego the homosexuals of our community - remember don't leave them out they expect - RESPECT - TOLERANCE - ACCEPTANCE & have already been ASSIMILATED - The HIPSTERS could show a little respect for our town in their collective antics foregoing a bad rap - who cares really of their affluence - it's their influence on our quality of life thst is of concern - have your good times but don't become the problem - POLICE ENFORCEMENT - will be the deciding factor to keep ALL in control esp the RUDE THOUGHTLESS apples that are ruining it for most of the self respecting HIPSTERS - is targeting THEM / those people ..discrimination in it self .. not different than singling out the gay community in the same way .. of yesteryear.. be careful who you pick on .. my comments are meant to say RESPECT YOURSELF while respecting others expectations of civil conduct ... The ATV crowd are feeling discriminated - look what happened there - a group singled out and outlawed - are we proposing similar action .. outlaws in our community - who'd a thought .. You can marry man on man - woman on woman - but being a hipster or a ATV USER .. looked down upon ... my bible doesn't read that way .. hmmmm - Funny how East Hampton fails to realize these simple ideas - community -- not yet -- let's hope one day --
T.J. Clemente March 08, 2014 at 10:16 AM
Thank you Tim correction made….I miss having editors who would not have missed that…..Thanks for reading and correcting!
S.B. Bonacker March 08, 2014 at 04:20 PM
Hipsters = Money. None of my friends who work in Montauk and made money off of them complained one bit. They and their money are welcome in East Hampton as far as I'm concerned.
MARTIN DREW March 08, 2014 at 04:32 PM
S.B Bonacker - I agree with you 100% ! party . do it with respect for others. .. WELCOME ! Cha! Ching!!


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