Georgica Beach Looks Better, but Still Closed to Swimmers [PHOTOS]

Road-end work gives East Hampton Village beach entrance a face-lift.

What a difference a few weeks make.

's heavily eroded entrance looks a whole lot better than it did just a few weeks ago. However, village officials have still closed the beach to swimmers, opened the summer season Memorial Day weekend with lifeguards at , instead of at Georgica, due to the erosion on the shoreline.

Of course, that didn't keep away sunbathers who prefer Georgica. Aeriel photos show they still dotted the shoreline this holiday weekend.

"Georgica Beach is not lifeguarded and is closed to bathing as per Suffolk County Health Department rules for beaches without lifeguards," Village Administrator Larry Cantwell said on Tuesday. The public can still use the beach and bathrooms are open. "Meanwhile the beach at Georgica continues to build which is good news," he said.

Much to the improvement at Georgica — as can be seen through the attached aerial photographs — are from road-end work. The , when there was a tidal surge and erosion that caused the asphalt to break apart last summer, was recently completed.

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. Photographs from May 12, included in the gallery above, show just how bad the erosion still was at the end of the road, where there was a dramatic drop-off onto the beach.

The village reclaimed 20 feet of the road-end and some sand was being brought in to make the transition from the top of the road down to the beach smoother. covered the $51,256 bid awarded to Keith Grimes for the road-end and replenishment work.

The beach, however, did not replenish itself over the winter as village officials had hoped, so the decision was made to put lifeguards at Wiborg's Beach instead this summer.


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