422-Pound Thresher Wins Star Island Shark Tourny

An angler aboard Bluefin brought in the winning catch during the Montauk tournament.

The at yielded a total payout of $540,000 this weekend. 

One hundred and fifty-six boats entered the Montauk tournament that was held on June 15 and 16. A total of 47 sharks were brought in. 

The bigger winner of the weekend was "Bluefin" captain Mike Marro. Tom Rispoli III angled a 422-pound Thresher to win the $30,000 prize. The shark also brought in an additional $5,000 for the heaviest shark on the first day and $3,500 for being the heaviest shark in the "other" category. 

The heaviest shark squashed last year's big catch — . There were no Threshers or Blue sharks that reached the minimum weight for weigh-in during the 25th annual touranment.

Capt. Pat McFarldand, aboard "Little Mac," won $5,000 for bringing in the heaviest shark overall on the second day — a 344-pound Mako. He also received a $5,000 prize for the same shark, which was the heaviest Mako in the tournament. The angler was Mike Ragano. 

The second heaviest Mako was brought in by Capt. Greg DeSantis on "Barbaric." Angler Dennis DeMarco reeled in a 317-pounder for the $2,500 prize. 

Capt. Bill Curley on "Bilistic" received the $1,500 prize for third heaviest ako in the competition. Mike Giles angled a 305-pound Mako. 

In the Blue shark category, Capt. Ed Pollner of "P. Pod" secured the first, second and third places for heaviest blue with three 237-pound sharks. The angler was Mike Vultek. They won $2,500 for first place, $1,500 for second place and $1,000 for third place.

A 319-pound Thresher was awarded second heavist in the "other" category, earning a $1,5000 prize. It was brought in on Capt. Dick Aidinis' boat "My Buddy" by angler Jim Fox. 

"Ramble on Rose" brought in a 289-pound Thresher, the third heaviest in the "other" category. Capt. Joe McVeigh and angler was Mark Boyle received a $1,000 prize. 

The tournament also collected 750 pounds of edible shark meat, which was donated tothe Long Island Council of Churches.

Zina Tane June 27, 2012 at 01:09 PM
Such a magnificent beast to have been tortured for 2 hours and then destroyed to feed someone's ego. How can anyone be proud to have hunted this creature in it's natural habitat and then kill it just to win a prize and have a picture taken.
Preliator June 27, 2012 at 02:36 PM
I am sure the hungry people who will eat the meat appreciate it or should they just go to your house the next time they are hungry?


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