I'm the One Facebooking and Tweeting Up a Storm

Astro's Pizza and Felice's Ristorante - Yeah I'm the one Facebooking and Tweeting up a Storm!

I'm sure people have been wondering "who is this Sofia, posting on Facebook, Patch and now Twitter?" regarding Astro's Pizza and Felice's Ristorante. I know that simply because I've been asked on Facebook and Twitter. I believe in my last blog I did a little blurb about me being the "newbie" of the family.  Yes, I am the "newbie" but really my daughters are Ava and Liv are the original "newbie’s” They are two-year-old identical twins (which is rare now-a-days) and they are full of life and spunk.  Oh, and their and my husband is Anthony Stipanov.  He is the eldest son of Alda and Nado Stipanov.  Alda is the eldest daughter of Felice Lupo.  

       Here is a little and brief bio about me. I worked at a library in Southampton for ten plus years. I am originally from Southampton.  I loved my job because it was such a big part of the community.  I loved creating events, attending them and supporting them as well. Community support and bond is very important, especially in small towns.

       However after getting married and pregnant I moved to Bayside.  And I commuted to work for about three weeks until I heard those golden words come out of my doctor’s mouth "okay time for bed rest, no more work." And that meant no more hour and half commutes for me! I had moved to Bayside because Anthony's full-time job (along with his two brothers) is being a High School teacher in Brooklyn.  And in the summer he works with his father, Nado.  Helping him out in the kitchen.  Our daughters were born in December and I had been granted a one-year leave of absence from work.  But I did the unthinkable...and resigned.  I resigned from the job that I deeply loved and not many people can say they deeply love their jobs.  But I did it for my family, who are now my number one priority.

       It seems people always love to ask me "how is it like to be married into Italian family.  Especially one so close and work together?"  Honestly I don't have much to say.  Okay the Italian part is easy.  I'm Portuguese, moved to the Stated just shy of the age of six.  So all the rumors about Italians are true.  How do I know this because the Portuguese are them same!  We are loud, talkative, annoying and nosey.  And sometimes all four in one. So no shocker there. Actually, it can get kind of funny.  Think "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." The business was a bit of a shocker.  I cannot imagine working and living with my parents and brother, even for the summer.  Even at the age of thirty the thought frightens me. I'd probably move back to Portugal with my Grandmother in a heartbeat.  Oh and the best is that I'm a European Vegetarian.  Which my Grandmother can't seem to understand and to her it must seem like a sin.  She claims to be an animal lover, but she lives on a farm, enough said.  However, it seems to work amazingly well for the Stipanov and Lupo's.  Their dedication and hard work has paid off.  At the end of it all I'm truly blessed to be part of their family.  And it's just not because this is going to be posted.  Alda and Nado honestly treat me like a "blood" daughter and my brother-in-laws are beyond amazing with helping out with Ava and Liv.  And the Lupo and Parisi families are there at a drop of a dime if you need a helping hand. Even with all that said this Stipanov wouldn’t work at Astro's or Felice's. I'll stick with the "newbie" title.

       So this is me simply put.  I'm married to Anthony, full-time wife and mother, Portuguese, Vegetarian, Animal Lover, Community Supporter and the one posting on Facebook, Twitter and even updated the new webpage.  My love for community support and outreach is what sparked me to do all this Social Media updating. Everyone is always on the internet, looking for something to do, a good movie to to see or a place to go eat.  And now we are much more accessible to the community.  And as always comments are welcomed!

       And here goes a little bit more…

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email: info@astrospizza.com

P.S. Sorry if I went on and on and on.  It's the overly talkative Portuguse in me :)

Happy Monday and I will be posting more about Astro's and Felice's History. 

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