Voters Pass 2011-2012 Budgets in East Hampton

Spending in $64.4 million East Hampton budget expected to increase the tax rate nearly 6 percent.

Voters in passed a on Tuesday for the 2011-2012 school year and elected two new members to the school board.

With a final tally of 540 to 271, homeowners in the district approved a 5.89 percent increase in the tax rate in the following year. Meanwhile, parent and retired high school teacher will join the board of education.

Vice president of the board of education Laura Anker-Grossman said the budget passed by the largest margin in a long while.

Lowey, who received 490 votes, said, "I'm very grateful for the support of so many member of the community." Receiving 464 votes, Hope said she was happy her community was trusting her to serve them.

, who received 351 votes, said she wasn't devastated by the loss. "I can still do what I do," she said of her involvement with the schools.

garnered 257. While the campaign was a difficult one for him, he said, "I wish the elected candidates well."

received just 88 votes.

There were 48 absentee ballots with 29 voting in favor of the budget and 19 against.

While there was actually a decrease of .56 percent in spending over the 2010-11 year, next year's budget is an increase in the tax levy of 3.64 percent, which amounts to $153.60 on a home assessed at $6,000.

The board dipped into its unreserved, undistributed fund balance to the tune of $650,000. In addition, the budget includes $2 million slated to be returned to taxpayers. By law, school districts must return any funds over 4 percent of the budget to residents. In addition, the board sharpened their pencils and came up with an additional $1.5 million in cuts.


Incumbent Patrick R. Bistrian was re-elected with 144 votes. The race for the second seat was somewhat of a close one, separated by just seven votes; , a parent and real estate agent, earned the spot on the board with 101 vote.

Vincent Vigorita, also an incumbent, lost with 94 votes.

The $9.2 million budget was passed in a 135-to-52 vote, as was the $873,834 budget in a 143-to-46 vote. There were 193 voters in total with 172 using the machines and 20 using absentee ballots.


Voters in the district farthest to the east said 'yes' to an $18.1 million budget by smaller margin in a 205-139 vote. They approved a 1.9 percent increase in spending year-to-year. Property owners will see a 2.55 percent tax increase. 

Patti Leber, who has been on the board for 10 years and was running unopposed, was re-elected with 283 votes.


Residents in the smallest school district voted 38-to-6 to approve a $3.6 million budget for the kindergarten through third grade facility. It will be a 1.9 percent tax rate increase for the district.

"We are grateful to the citizens of Wainscott who agreed that we were responsible in putting before them a budget that was reasonable in its increase and yet addressed the needs of the children of the community," said principal Stuart Rachlin.

Also, incumbent was re-elected. She was running without opposition for her third term. She received 32 votes.

Kelly Anderson received one write-in vote and 11 votes were blank, according to district clerk Mary McCaffrey.


In Springs, the polls were open until 9 p.m.

Cheryl Bloecker, the district clerk at the Amagansett School District, made a correction on the number 'no' votes for the library budget. The vote was 143-to-46, not 143-to-88.

Yvette Somekh May 18, 2011 at 02:28 AM
Congratulation East Hampton. You supported the students with your votes. Thank you.
MARTIN DREW May 18, 2011 at 02:51 PM
What a poor turnout of voters ..... $omething is definitely off...
MARTIN DREW May 18, 2011 at 02:55 PM
Congrats to Ms. Patricia Hope ... We expect $he will do all $he can to $tabilize i$$ue$.. Cheers Ms. Hope ...you have always had my respect. Do your district proud! I raise a glass in your honor... Best of luck in your new po$ition.
MARTIN DREW May 18, 2011 at 03:00 PM
Paul Fiondella ... Sir do what you do ... Be the be$t citizen advocate you can be ... Keep the board on thier toes ... Just head the advice of others ... Use your intelligence to make them think .. Just be the nuce guy I know you can be ... Nobody wants to be talked down to .. Do your be$t to bring them to you ; not away from you. Thanks for trying to be of $ervice .
Taylor K. Vecsey May 18, 2011 at 09:05 PM
Cheryl Bloecker, the district clerk in Amagansett, called with a correction for the number of votes for the Amagansett Library budget. The correct numbers are 143-46. To address your question, Amagansett Voter, there were 193 voters in total (172 on the machines, 20 absentee ballots). She said some people just either don't vote correctly for each proposition or just decide not to.


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