Springs School Adopts $26.7 Million Budget

Springs School adopted a $26.7 million budget Monday night  in keeping with Gov. Cuomo's stipulation that taxes remain capped at 2% for two years and then 1% for the following two years in order for taxpayers to receive rebates.

Principal Eric Casale said enrollment recently rose to 733 students between pre-k and eighth grade. Last year’s enrollment number was 701. Casale said that the average enrollment for the last two months was 730 students.

In addition, a full-time superintendent—one who that been only part-time for the last few years–will have a budget allocated of $215,000.

Thomas Primiano, district treasurer, broke down the projected revenue.

It will be $1,514,027, which is an increase of $23,283 this year as compared to last year. But that there is the projected tax levy increase and a 4.44% projected tax rate increase. The fund balance applied to meet the cap increase increased from $777,000 to $1.07 million.

The five-year financial overview (which complies with Governor Cuomo’s stipulations for taxpayer relief of rebate checks) is adhered to. The tax cap will be 1 percent in three years, and the governor is encouraging school districts to share services. 

“We are in pretty good shape for next year’s budget season,” Primiano said.

For more detailed information please see the Springs School Budget Section of the website: http://www.springsschool.org/cms/lib06/NY01913976/Centricity/Domain/4/1415_School_Calendar.pdf


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