Parents: Give Elementary School Principal Tenure

About 100 people turned out in support of Gina Kraus.

East Hampton parents turned out in droves at the East Hampton School Board meeting on Tuesday night, asking the board to reconsider its position and grand elementary school principal Gina Kraus tenure. 

According to 27East, nearly 100 people attended with 20 people speaking out. 

Superintendent Rich Burns reportedly did not recommend Kraus for tenure, inciting parents parents who praised Kraus for her years of dedication. 

She took the helm at John M. Marshall Elementary School after Chris Tracey retired in January 2012. She served as assistant principal for one year, and taught elementary school for 21 years, 18 of those at JMMES.

For the full story on 27East, click here. 

How do you feel? Tell us why you think Gina Kraus deserves tenure. Leave a comment below.

chris minardi March 21, 2013 at 01:12 PM
Gina is awesome, not giving her tenure is an insult to the community. the school board and superintendent should be ashamed.
olivia brooks March 21, 2013 at 04:28 PM
Gina Kraus deserves tenure and the community deserves Gina Kraus. The community spoke the other night and I hope the superintendent and the Board heard our message. When someone this exceptional is working with our students, teachers and parents, why is the any doubt about her?


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