John M. Marshall Principal to Go Back to Teaching

School board expected to vote to terminate Gina Kraus' probationary period as principal of elementary school.

The East Hampton School Board is expected to vote Tuesday night on returning John M. Marshall Elementary School Principal Gina Kraus to her former teaching position.

According to the board's agenda, a vote is planned on Superintendent Richard Burns' reccomendation that Kraus' probationary period as an administrator be terminated effective June 30. Then on Sept. 3, she shall resume teaching in the elementary school, the resolution states.

After serving as an assistant principal for a year, Kraus replaced Chris Tracey at the helm of the elementary school when he retired at the end of January 2012. She has taught elementary school for 21 years, 18 of those at John M. Marshall Elementary School.

Later that year, Keith Malsky, who was the East Hampton Middle School principal at the time, was moved to the elementary school to serve as co-principal with Kraus.

Tuesday's school board meeting begins at 6:30 p.m.

Harold Pinkowski April 08, 2013 at 03:19 AM
This entire situation is the result of poor management from Board to Superintendent. 1] The board who had not evaluated the previous Superintendent, who hired an inside candidate who would make it easy. The board and the present Superintendent could not deal with personnel matters and ended up with moving the Ass't Sup to a principal position with an Ass't Sup pay, moving a principal to being a Co-Principal and then hiring someone to take on the Ass't Sup position who was a person pick of the new Superintendent without a hiring process. It would seem that the Board must or should have known the status of one of their administrative staff. To then hold up their hands and say we can't do anything only show that they have no control. 2] The present superintendent who did not act while he was an interim. Why did he not see and act while he was an interim? He did not want to rock the boat so he would be the inside favorite for the position. Why did he act now? Why did he say last year that she was fully qualified? The reason there is a three year tenure process is to have adequate time for staff and board to working the staff. To wait until the end of the time and then make the move only shows that the Superintendent and Board are not doing their jobs. Ms. Kraus deserved better. I am sure that if presented with an evaluation process that reported areas of concern she would have then addressed these areas.
jerry April 09, 2013 at 01:39 AM
This seems odd to me. Last year she was good now not. Kinda sounds like someone wants people to know that they are going to be the only one making decisions in that school. The present Superintendent said he did not need an Ass't Sup until he hired one. I do not mean to sound harsh but it is the tax payers,the money behind the school, who should be acting on this matter. No school board or Superintendent is perfect but misusing and abusing of power should not be tolorerated in places where our children are involved.Hats off to Mr. Kraus for letting some Know of Mr. Burns lied to his wife at the school board meeting.I hope something gets done to fix this school district soon.


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