East Hampton School News: Student Artists Recognized

Election to the Society recognize students who have shown an outstanding ability in art, along with service to the school and the community.

East Hampton High School

The induction ceremony for the National Art Honor Society was held in the cafeteria on March 13. Election to the Society recognize students who have shown an outstanding ability in art, along with service to the school and the community though development and participation in artistic endeavors. This was the fourth year of East Hampton’s charter with the Society, and the students honored included Hannah DiGate, the school’s NAHS president, and Daniella Gonzalez, both pictured with their works.

Other students honored were Kyra Daniels, Claudia Fino, Ashley Gamba, Jeta Islami, Andrea Morocho Japa, Michael Jara, Mary Jernigan, Isaac Lopez, Brock Lownes, Olivia McFadden, Emily Martinez, Justine Nava, Karl Toby Rosenberg, Jonathan Ryan, Angenis Santiago, Miles Todaro, Cristian Veliz, Lena Vergnes, and Jaime Veliz.

“This was a great experience,” said inductee Owen Wilder. “I am an official artist now!”

In other art news: artist Camille Perrottet, whose children have been through school in East Hampton and is a world-famous muralist, participated in a second meeting with student leaders on March 15. Representatives from the gay-straight alliance, the Hispanic leaders club, and the Justice League were present as Mme. Perrottet discussed earlier projects, showed a video of one of her works being created in Brooklyn, and guided the students in coming up with words, ideas, and images that will eventually grace one of the long hallways at the high school. The next meeting is planned for Friday, April 5.

March Madness week heard music during all the bell breaks, saw some pretty crazy clothing choices (in students and faculty alike), and ended on Thursday evening, March 21, with a night of activities for the 600 students who attended.
The annual job fair is being held on March 27 for employers looking for employees and vice versa.

Planning for the Junior Prom on May 18th is well under way. The Junior Class officers as well as the Prom Committee have been working hard to put together a "classic, elegant affair.” Weekly meetings are open to any junior who would like to help out. The cafeteria will be transformed with classy decorations, gossamer, dance floor, tables, food, and strings of white lights.

The district is closed for spring recess on Monday, March 25 and Friday, March 29.

Thursday, April 4, is Spring College Night at 6:30 p.m.


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