Tell Us If Zeldin, Demos Can Oust Bishop In 2014

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This week Republican state Sen. Lee Zeldin, and George Demos, a Republican from Brookhaven Town, both announced their intention to challenge Rep. Tim Bishop, D-Southampton, in the 2014 election. Zeldin would be vacating his seat in the state senate should he win.

Can either one of them win? Demos described Bishop as “vulnerable at every level.” Zeldin thinks the East End should be weary of not being represented by Bishop.

But in the comments section of our reportage of Zeldin and Demos’ candidacy, “Hazel Wilkonson The First” remarked:

“Demos is a pawn of the national republican party. A vote for him is a vote for further teabaggery and obstructionism. He has no original thoughts or ideas outside of far right talking points. They always say Bishop is vulnerable, but they always lose.”

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Conservative Underground October 09, 2013 at 03:18 PM
Politics is like football, any one can win on any given Sunday. One question you can ask Mr. Bishop is he even considering running for re-election. Mr. Bishop faces some severe challenges in the form of the on going ethics complaint against him and the negative opinion people have of Congress in general.


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