Schneiderman Wants More Time To Decide on Supervisor Run

County legislator screening with the Democrats, but the Republicans want to make a formal announcement days earlier.

Jay Schneiderman isn't saying yes to a run for East Hampton Town Supervisor — yet.

"I'm still looking at all my options," Schneiderman said on Wednesday, despite a vote in his favor from the Republican Committee two weeks for the nomination.

A member of the Independence party, Schneiderman is a county legislator. He is up for re-election this year, and he can only run for the position once more before he reaches the term limit. The decision to run for supervisor or not is a major career decision, he said.

"I'm leaning toward running for supervisor, but I have to consider my family and other factors," he said.

Schneiderman's screening with the Democrats is scheduled for a week from Sunday, but the screening committee said they won't make any decisions until May. Schneiderman said he wants to wait, at least, until after he screens.

Schneiderman, who served as town supervisor when he was a registered Republican, said he also only wanted to run if there was an open seat, referring to incumbent Republican Supervisor Bill Wilkinson.

Wilkinson did not screen with the Republicans because he said he wanted to wait until March or April to make a decision. Last week, after the Republicans revealed they were going to endorse Schneiderman, Wilkinson finally confirmed he wasn't going to make another bid for supervisor, though he was disappointed in the Republican party for not waiting until he had made up his mind.

"I'm not clear yet whether it's really an open seat," Schneiderman said. "To me that's a confusing element."

Schneiderman said he didn't want to be seen as the person who "pushed Wilkinson out," adding that he campaigned for Wilkinson in the past.

Wilkinson confirmed on Wednesday that he is not interested in running at this point, even though he's still disappointed his own party made a decision before he was ready to make his.

"The fact that Jay wants to know that answer is indicative that Jay doesn't want to end his elected career with a loss," Wilkinson said. "He's either in the game or he's not in the game."

Meanwhile, Kurt Kappel, the chairman of the Republican Party in East Hampton, had said he hoped to make a formal announcement at the trustees' scallop dinner, which is scheduled for March 6, four days before the Democrats screen. It wasn't clear whether that announcement would still be made then.

Kappel said last week that the Republicans felt they didn't have time to waste this election season and wanted to identify a candidate early, which is why he said they couldn't wait for Wilkinson's decision in March or April.

However, he said an illness in his family and Schneiderman having been out of the country on vacation until this weekend hadn't left much time for them to speak.

"I appreciate everybody allowing me the time to make the best decision for the community and to make the best decision for my family," Schneiderman said.

"Obviously if the Democrats want me, and the Republicans want me, how could I possibly say no?," Schneiderman said. "Do I think it's going to happen? No, probably not."

As someone who has been aligned with the Democrats on the county level recently, he said he thought a cross endorsement on the local level was more likely before Larry Cantwell, the East Hampton Village Administrator, expressed interest in running for supervisor on the Democratic ticket. Still, Schneiderman said he hopes the Democrats will see him as a "unifying individual."

Asked if we would still run for supervisor on the Republican — and Independence — party lines if Cantwell gets the nomination from the Democrats, Schneiderman said he would. "I would have no problem running against Larry, but I'd rather have Larry supporting me. That might be unrealistic," he said.

He said he is trying to gather poll data to gauge community support. "I want to be the community's candidate for supervisor," he said.

MARTIN DREW February 27, 2013 at 10:33 PM
Jay O -lready been there done that ; Fred Overton for Supervisor ; Jay O lready has moved on .. Stay where you .. Fred Overton ; the locals choice ! Cross endorse a Veteran . He knows the town better than Jay .. Jay O - where you been lately .. UpIsland .. Where has Fred been lately .. Diligently serving his community from the inside ; who has a up to date history in every topic ? Fref Overton . Who reviews every document in town hall ; has a relatiionship with the public at large ( Fred Overton / a sound vote ; for a quality person ! Come on people speak up ; convince the man he has YOUR support ! He's got mine .. Forget these Repeat agendas ; repeat ideologys ; return to local values ; Return to real people ; return power to locals - the backbone of East Hampton - Bonac pride ! Marion & Gray - all the way - victory with values .. Republicans - forget JayO - tap into a Veteran : who knows what service to god and country is all about .. Come on Fred Overton - think about it - we'll Get you in - trust in us - you've had our back - now we have yours - the sleeping giant of local influence will prevail over party politics - you're the people's choice ! Ask around you'll see..
jsb February 27, 2013 at 10:38 PM
So Jay will not run if Wilkinson does. Wilkinson says he is not. So Jay now says he wants the Dem cross endorsement, although he would run against Cantwell, but would rather have Larry supporting him rather than opposing him. Sounds like Jay ain't running unless he is cross endorsed by the Dems or the Dems promise Cohen as the opponent. He needs to poll now???? How thoroughly embarrassing for the Republican leadership, If they had listened to Wilkinson and waited until April to announce a slate they would not be coming out of their convention tonight with no supervisor candidate. Bad, bad, bad. My guess is if they courted the successful Supervisor Wilkinson he would have run, Larry is smart enough to know Wilkinson did a good job and would not run, thus leaving Wilkinson-Cohen II with Wilikinson winning by 700 - Cohen's stern reprimand from the Suffolk DA last year punctuated the loose cannon Cohen really is. The Republicans may have even retained control of the Town Board. Now they are looking at one Town Board member. This is a massive Republican screw up.
jsb February 28, 2013 at 03:34 AM
I assume if Jay is still in the game he will be announced as the nominee tomorrow. Let's get the ball rolling and keep the Republican majority if Jay is still on board
Lady L February 28, 2013 at 12:21 PM
Once again, if we had a true conservative to back, there'd be a different game. Unfortunately, they chose Jay, who lives by polls, not principles, checking to see which way the wind is blowing, who has the loudest voice. There is a huge difference between the tax and spend of the Dems vs fiscally conservative Reps, as our slowly decreasing debt shows. Taxes continue to escalate and what we keep in our pockets continues to diminish. Where are the brave souls who will stand by their principles AND run for office?
J February 28, 2013 at 01:56 PM
Typical Jay - looking for the easiest path to win an election (Wilkinson's quote in the story is spot on). Who nominates Jay doesn't matter as long as he thinks he will win. Too bad the Republicans tried to rush through the nomination process and now might end up without a supervisor candidate (If not Schneiderman or Wilkinson then who?). Sounds like some major mismanagement on their end as they drive away the current supervisor (who is actually a Republican) and now might not even get the person they apparently wanted. At least they are likely to endorse Fred Overton for town council. He'll be great. Larry Cantwell would be a good supervisor as well (The Democrats would be foolish not to run him for supervisor). I would bet on those two being on the town board next year. Not sure who the other winner will be yet. It depends on who the Democrats nominate. Stanzione could be in trouble especially without a credible supervisor candidate on his ticket.


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