Resolution Reached: Art Show and Parade Will Go On

Montauk veterans group agree to share the green, while artists thank board for support.

The veterans group have agreed to the town board's plan for them to with an art show for part of the weekend.

Councilman Dominick Stanzione had worked with Chief Ed Ecker to divise a scheme for the to get less of the green than usual for its fifth annual art show, to make way for the veterans to have a ceremony following a parade on Sunday, May 26.

The town board agreed to the plan, during a work session on Tuesday, and asked the same of the veterans' group. Ken Walles, who was leading the event planning, said he would get back to the board.

In a letter to the members late last week, Walles said his committee agreed to the plan Stanzione had laid out, though it was not to the members' satisfaction.

A parade will begin near Second House Museum at noon, moving from west to east on Montauk Highway. "Our group had agreed to scale back some of the events planned so as to avoid a chaotic situation as mentioned at town hall," Walles said, adding that they asked for some concessions.

  • No Porta-Potties to be placed near or around the bushes or separation line as part of the memorial area the group will use for the ceremony after the parade.
  • At least 20 additional feet of clearance on the south side of the area (drawing a straight line from the rear of the bushes to the road) for some parade vehicles to park, for example, a 30-foot flag float.
  • The parade would turn left at so the group can include businesses and tourists within that one block area. (, Pastabilities, etc...).
  • Assurance of a thorough cleaning of the area sunday night as the artists depart.

During its regular meeting on Thursday night, the board approved the artists' mass gathering permit, waiving the associated fees. Councilwoman Sylvia Overby said she had spoken to Ann Weissman, who handled the application process, and that she agreed to scale back the number of vendors — from 84 to 78. The show draws as many as 8,000 over the weekend.

Rosa Hanna Scott, the president of the Montauk Artist Association, also appeared before the board to thank them "for giving your vote to share the memorial green with the veterans."

The board will have to formally approve a mass gathering permit for the veterans' events at a later meeting.

Walles said the group would be decorating the memorial and flag pole area with a variety of flags on May 26. On May 28, which is Memorial Day, a "remembrance" ceremony will take place on the green, morning sunrise, noon and sunset. A schedule of speakers will be put together.

Meanwhile, one Montauk veteran objected to how many for which the veterans group spoke. Gene Beckwith said, "I question when and how the Montauk Veterans Association was formed . . . how many there are, and how they recruited members." He said he wasn't recruited.

"All of the veterans in Montauk should not be labeled as the villains in this thing," he said, referring to the group's request that the art show be moved elsewhere. 

Linda Seaton March 05, 2012 at 01:19 PM
Villians are those who's motives are evil. I don't think evil was propelling the claim, but it wasn't love, either. When motives are pure (for the good of the people), then 'what blesses one, blesses all!' I'm happy my quiet prayers were heard.
Nanci e. LaGarenne March 05, 2012 at 02:58 PM
next year can we also share it with Moms and Grandmoms for Peace?


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