Rally Against Power Lines in East Hampton

Peaceful protesters on the green
Peaceful protesters on the green
They came to bury the poles not to praise them.

With clear skies and blustery winds buffeting the protesters placards on Saturday afternoon at 1 p.m., more than 100 people gathered at Hook Mill green in East Hampton to protest PSEG's ongoing installation of bigger power lines.

The protesters support having the new power lines buried underground despite PSEG's offer only to do so if taxpayers were to foot the bill.

Many of the protesters were students who cheerfully displayed their handiwork on homemade placards. Protesters walked up and down the sidewalk opposite CVS chanting "drop the poles, bury the lines," as a police squad car stood parked alongside the green.

More than a dozen businesses Including Starbucks, the Golden Pear, CVS, BookHampton and Mary's Marvelous donated gift for a raffle held to raise money for the cause which is now being called "Save East Hampton."

Should the power lines be buried? Should the cost be borne by taxpayers or PSEG? Let Patch know what you think.
richard janis April 06, 2014 at 08:31 PM
CU-This is an issue that is NOT effecting East Hampton residents alone. This is an island wide problem that is surfacing in the other communities that PSEGLI is working. The residents in Port Washington, North Hempstead, Port Washington, and Setauket are also up in arms at how PSEGLI has come into their communities and put their friends and neighbors in the same dangers that face the residents of East Hampton. The members of Save EH and many other the organizations that are rallying against PSEGLI are not the "elite" that you speak of. We don't live south of the highway along the ocean. We are not rich snobs. How dare you pass judgement on people you don't know and have never met! We are hard working people that are concerned with the safety and the health of our friends and neighbors. Are we upset with the damage PSEGLI has done to our neighborhoods---you're dam right we are. Are we upset with our monthly PSEGLI bills going up every month--you're dam right we are!! If you took the time to come out behind your curtain and traveled the route you would understand! Come to East Hampton and look for yourself!! Or you afraid that you might agree with us? So until you come out here and see for yourself what has been done; do us all a favor and truly go underground!! Because many of us feel that you are a paid PSEGLI employee!!!
richard janis April 06, 2014 at 08:34 PM
Cosmo Kramer-This is an islandwide problem that will soon will be coming to your neighborhood. When it does hopefully you and will have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to PSEGLI!! Will you?
Cosmo Kramer April 07, 2014 at 08:30 PM
Richard, it only seems to me to be a select few problem. My issue is paying more in a bill, when I already pay enough, for a service which I don' t care for; that being the cost to bury the lines, when I don't have any particular problem with the poles. I find no particular overt health risk associated with this. The poles are meant to withstand high winds/large storm effects etc. Obviously, nothing is 100% so it'd be naïve of me to say that nothing could ever possibly happen, but i'm perfectly comfortable looking at the poles, and not at all concerned with any health risks that this group "say" are associated with it. I think this issue has been way blown out of proportion, to the point where things are being espoused which aren't supported by fact. Just my opinion of course. But you can rest assured Richard, that if this was an issue for me, I certainly would have the fortitude to stand up to PSEGLI, and would be as supportive as possible. I don't see it right now, so I'm not all that concerned.
richard janis April 07, 2014 at 10:05 PM
Cosmo, let's address some of your misconceptions. First from a health standpoint; we are fortunate to have been loaned the test equipment that measures the electro-magnetic field that the current 12 and 23kv wires put out. The maximum allowable rate is a "5". at your front door. Currently at the pole the output is a "15"-which is 25' from the house. The rate at a members house was "10", that's DOUBLE the allowable rate! And that's BEFORE they power up the 33kv lines!! I hopefully will be "testing" our front porch tomorrow! Let's move on to the poles. We asked the head of PSEGLI about the poles and he informed us that they would withstand 130+ miles per hour winds. Well if they are that strong why not install them along the railroad right of way where you already have main lines running from East Hampton to Amagansett? His response; we can't mount them above ground near another main line because if the new pole(s) COME DOWN in a storm it will take out the new and the old lines rendering part of East Hampton, Amagansett, and Montauk without power! But I thought you told us that these poles could withstand Hurricane Force Wind??? So if these poles can withstand Hurricane Force wind why not run them along the railroad, a shorter distance ( 4 miles vs 6 miles), thereby by Safer, less Health risk and MOST important to most Long Islanders ShORTER Distance means CHEAPER!!!!! Your thoughts????
Cosmo Kramer April 07, 2014 at 11:20 PM
Where'd you get that tester? I'll check with the PSEG guys installing the lines behind my house to see what their testers read. As for the poles, did u ask the PSEG guy what he meant in his response to your inquiry about the railroad? If I was that concerned and I got the response you say he gave, my next question or comment would've been to call out the irony of his response. Did anybody do that? If so, he must've had a response. What was it? BTW, I will be happy to join and support the group if I'm shown to be wrong, particularly about the health issue. Good luck with it.


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