Mayor: Lights Out for Gilt City [UPDATED]

Gilt City had planned a month-long series of events at a private property.

Gilt City won't be moving forward with at its first-ever "Hamptons House" in East Hampton Village as planned, but will be moving its operation elsewhere.

Five days ago the East Hampton Village Board said it was going to seek an injunction from the State Supreme Court to stop poolside parties and film screenings at a house at 36 Fithian Lane.

On Tuesday morning, Mayor Paul F. Rickenbach Jr. said he believes there's been a resolution.

Village attorney Linda Riley received written correspondence from Scott Schneider, an attorney with Loeb & Loeb representing Gilt City, on Monday. He confirmed that he has been advised by senior management of Gilt City that it "has abandoned its plans to host any special events at the property that would be inconsistent with or in violation of any applicable ordinance or law. . . " 

The letter continues to say that if Gilt City uses the property at all, it will do so in compliance with the village code.

Gilt City, a leading nationwide online lifestyle retailer, had plans for its first ever "Hamptons House" that it describes as a "6,000-square-foot oasis within walking distance to East Hampton Village," that would host parties and fitness classes with The Food Network's Sandra Lee and Fox's Rosanna Scotto from Aug. 12 to Sept. 5.

On Thursday, the village board voted to retain special counsel to seek injunctive relief because it believed its zoning code was about to be violated.

Since then Gilt City has taken down any mention of "Hamptons House" from its website.

However, Jaime David, a spokeswoman for Gilt City, said, "The private events are not going to be cancelled but will be taking place elsewhere." She declined to say where just yet.

"As far as what is originally programmed, the village has won a small victory in standing up for our zoning code," Rickenbach said.

"We're going to monitor any use of the property," he said, adding that the village wants to make sure nothing takes place that is "adversarial" or "reflects of being a commercial endeavor" since the house is located is in a residential neighborhood.

The initial mass gathering permit that was issued to Gilt City "in good faith" and before the village realized there was grander plans at the house still stands.

However, Village Administrator Larry Cantwell said it is his understanding that the event has been canceled.

"But to the larger issue that the village took Gilt City to task, at this point they agreed it was at the best interest of everyone they would step back," he said.

A spokesman for Gilt City did not immediately return a request for comment.

MARTIN DREW August 09, 2011 at 09:55 PM
Now IF they could only get bicyclists off the sidewalks who are in violaton of local laws .. The police personell turn a blind eye .. The tourists obviously cant read or just dont care ... Who is responsible for enforcing that law... Who cares enough to get it done. Ive called Mr. Cantwell and the chief of Police to express my dismay .. Mayor Rickenbach next ... Bicycle people .... Stay off the sidewalks; its against the law; the law is the law ...I guess it may only apply when "Hamptons Houses" break the law; everyone else on the sidewalks ... Its a free for all . Hope I dont get hit by a bike...... Then the village will be talking with my lawyer... Then YOU pay the price of law breakers given amnesty in lieu of enforcement . Im putting the village board to task sooner than later . Education / Enforcement / simple really ...


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