East Hampton Officials Prepare for Sandy

Still days from hitting Long Island, officials say they'd rather be over-prepared than under-prepared.

Preparation for Hurricane Sandy, which could hit the tri-state area Sunday, is underway in the Town of East Hampton.

"This is under the banner of over-prepared than under-prepared," Supervisor Bill Wilkinson said after a meeting with town department heads and emergency operations officials, on Friday morning at Town Hall.

Wilkinson said the group discussed staffing in the midst of the storm and afterwards. "As long as they can get here safely," town workers will report for duty.

As of Friday, the town expects to begin to feel the effects of the storm on Monday. By Tuesday, 80 mph sustained winds, and significant rainfall, are forecasted.

They will meet again on Monday to make decisions about opening shelters, and the like, Wilkinson said.

Town Highway Superintendent Stephen Lynch said his department has been preparing since Thursday and will be ready to go by the end of the day on Friday. They've brought equipment to the Springs and Montauk firehouses, will post some in Wainscott, as well, and have contacted their contractors about standing-by if necessary.

Lynch said if the storm keeps tracking the way it is, he's most concerned about street flooding and falling limbs. Storm showers and wind could begin on Sunday.

Residents can expect power outages. In that case, Lynch said, the Long Island Power Authority will have 10 trucks in the area to restore services.

Bruce Bates, the town's emergency operations coordinator, led the meeting on Friday. He will make the call about whether to open the emergency operations center, as a place to funnel information regarding the storm.

"We're in the same preparation mode," said Village Administrator Larry Cantwell on Friday morning. Village department heads already started meeting on Thursday, and will hold another meeting to discuss pre-storm initiatives at the Emergency Services Building, where a village EOC will be set up, if need be, during the storm.

The village highway department is busy cleaning storm drains and will later remove garbage cans, benches and anything else that could pose a hazard in strong winds, Cantwell said.

Town Police Captain Mike Sarlo said his department met with supervisors at the village police department and the two will be coordinating throughout the storm.

Wilkinson said the town's website will be updated with basic information for town residents.

The East Hampton Town Board has a special meeting on Tuesday morning at 11 to discuss the tentative 2013 budget.

Check East Hampton Patch freqently for more information on the storm, including cancellations and closures.

Sophie7 October 26, 2012 at 06:06 PM


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