Stop Work Order for Amagansett Power Sub-Station

The Amagansett power sub-station.
The Amagansett power sub-station.
East Hampton Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell slapped a Stop Work Order on PSEG for work currently underway at their substation in Amagansett.

PSEG was issued the SWO for failing to get site plan review from the Planning Board, not holding a public a public hearing, and not getting approval from the Architectural Board of Review or obtaining a building permit.

The order, Supervisor Cantwell said in a phone conversation, will remain in effect until the Amagansett sub-station project is in compliance.

While the order does not prohibit the ongoing installation of transmission poles through the eastern half of East Hampton and into Amagansett, it is a step in the right direction according to Sarah Brooks Minardi a member of the advocacy group Save East Hampton that is lobbying to have the poles buried. “It's validation,” Ms. Minardi said, “that our government is trying to help us.”

Presently, two 23-kilovolt electric lines running on a single line supply power to areas of eastern East Hampton said Jeffrey Weir a spokesman for PSEG. “The new line,” said Mr. Weir, “will connect East Hampton with the Amagansett substation.”

Mr. Weir said the SWO was unexpected. “To be honest with you,” he said, “it’s disappointing and surprising. Larry Cantwell was Village Administrator and involved with all the processes we went through to get the project originally approved to provide safe and consistently reliable electricity, last summer.”

The Amagansett substation was the subject of a meeting between the Long Island Power Authority and representatives of the Town of East Hampton, including Sylvia Overby a Town Councilwoman, Thursday. Discussed were the aesthetic concerns of the residents of Amagansett over the appearance of the Amagansett substation which has been in the process of being improved ever since PSEG first announced plans to upgrade the electrical wires connecting the eastern part of the Town of East Hampton with the rest of Long Island were first discussed last autumn.

“It is our understanding that the Long Island Power Authority is not required to get permits,” Mr. Weir said. However, at the meeting with Ms. Overby to discuss the appearance of the Amagansett substation “There was no mention of a Stop Work Order,” Mr. Weir said. “It was about beautification.”

In closing Mr. Weir summarized PSEG’s position on the burying of the power lines: “I think it’s important to note we’ve said we’re amenable to burying the lines as long as the rest of Long Island doesn’t have to pay for it.”







Katy Casey April 09, 2014 at 10:44 AM
Is it possible Mr. Weir is forgetting Amagansett is not in the village of EH and Mr. Cantwell was not in office representing the Town until January?
Steven Gaines April 09, 2014 at 11:28 AM
Supervisor Cantwell signed off on it in September when he was a member of the village board.
Conservative Underground April 09, 2014 at 12:08 PM
To be fair Cantwell was not a member of the Village board, he was the administrator and this part of the project is in the town; that would have been Wilikison. If we are going to blame people lets blame the right people.
Dan Reichl April 09, 2014 at 12:27 PM
Larry don't you wish you were on you boat with your grandson instead of dealing with all these issues. Oh by the way what time is tee time..
Mauro Filicori April 09, 2014 at 01:17 PM
I hope we will be able to rectify this abominable industrial eyesore smack at the entrance of a beautiful hamlet. I am sure this would not have happened in Hedge Funds Sagaponack. Few days ago a dozen more tree were cut down. Big one. The kind that you are not able to remove from a residential lot as we have laws that limits the clearing one can do. A SWO seems warranted just because of the clearing issue. Still it boggles my mind that a company such as PSGE would have not addressed the aesthetics impact of such new electrical station. They have no eyes for what looks beautiful or not ? Their PR department cannot see that a big negative reaction by the populations was sure to come? Some heads should roll at PSGE. Is PSGE allowed to park outside their "stalag" all those heavy equipment trucks as they do now? Is that their property? Should the police tickets those violations? Enough said.....now lets act! Mauro Filicori


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