2 Public Hearings on East Hampton Village's Agenda for Friday

Proposal will authorize code enforcement to issue tent permits, while another amends zoning code regarding gross floor area.

The following is the agenda provided by the East Hampton Village Board for its meeting on Friday at 11 a.m. in the Emergency Services Building.



  1.  Introductory #04-2013, a proposed amendment to Ch. 104 (Code Enforcement Administration) to authorize Code Enforcement to issue tent permits and to authorize the imposition of fees for tent permits.
  2. Introductory #5-2013, a proposed amendment to Ch. 278 (Zoning) with respect to the definition of ‘gross floor area’ to provide that the area shall be measured to the exterior face of the frame or masonry wall.


1.    Approve claim vouchers for the month of March.


2.    Approve Warrants #42, #44, & #45 (General), #41 (Trust), # 43 (LOSAP) & #46 (Capital).

3.    Approve budget transfer #1, dated 03-01-13.

4.    Approve minutes from meeting held on December 21, 2012 & January 3, 2013.

5.    Approve departmental reports.

6.    Adopt as LOCAL LAW NINE-2013 Introductory #4-2013, hereby amending Ch. 104 (Code Enforcement Administration) to authorize Code Enforcement to issue tent permits and to authorize the imposition of fees for tent permits.   (Response from Suffolk County rec’d 02/21/13)

7.    Adopt a negative SEQRA declaration with respect to Introductory #5-2013.

8.    Adopt as LOCAL LAW TEN-2013 Introductory #5-2013, hereby amending Ch. 278 (Zoning) with respect to the definition of ‘gross floor area’ to provide that the area shall be measured to the exterior face of the frame or masonry wall. (Response from Suffolk County rec’d 02/21/13)

9.    Notice for a public hearing to be held on April 19, 2013, at 11:00 a.m. at the E.M.S. Building for Introductory #06-2013, a proposed amendment to Ch. 278-3 (Zoning Code) to amend subsection A (8), which sets forth dimensional requirements for residences in split zoning districts or in commercial zoning districts based on the underlying zoning district, as opposed to lot size.

10.  Notice for a public hearing to be held on April 19, 2013, at 11:00 a.m. at the E.M.S. Building for Introductory #07-2013, a proposed amendment to Ch. 77 (Beaches) with respect to dogs on the beaches - this proposed local law seeks to strike a better balance by allowing dogs the same access to the beach, but by adding a requirement that dogs be leashed within the more populated areas within 500 feet of the road ends so that their owners have better control over their encounters with other beach-goers and more awareness and a better ability to pick up dog waste.

11.  Approve the list of Ambulance volunteers who have met the requirements & qualified for 1 year of service award credit.

12.  Accept Chermaine Cheang as an active member of the Ambulance Association (please refer to February 27th memo from Chief McGuire)                                                                                                                       

13.  Accept the $69,504 bid received from Class Act Maintenance for contractual cleaning services three times a week for the EMS Building, as per March 12, 2013 bid specifications (same cost as 2011-13 two year period).

14.  Accept the $30,899 bid received from Roman Brown Enterprises, Inc. for the organic lawn care & mowing and trimming of Village-owned properties, as per March 12, 2013 bid specifications.

15.  Appoint Mark Butler as a member of the Planning Board to fill unexpired term (to July 31, 2013) of member Philip O’Connell. (on 02/15/13 Mr. O’Connell was appointed as Planning Board Chairman to fill unexpired term of former Chair, Rosemary G. Brown, now on the DRB)   

16.   Approve the reimbursement of reasonable & necessary expenses incurred for dispatcher PSD1 Audra Schutte to attend the Emergency Medical Dispatch Course in Norwalk, CT. March 19-21, 2013  – please see March 1st  memo from Chief Larsen)     

17.   Employ Tammie L. Wilson as a full-time Public Safety Dispatcher 1 (PSD1), effective April 15, 2013 at starting base salary of $48,103 (please refer to March 4th memo from Chief Larsen).

18.   Approve 6/2013 – 5/2014 agreement to provide Sag Harbor Police Department with dispatching services.

19.   Accept the $12,360 proposal received from Botanica Plant & Property Management to care and maintain Home Sweet Home grounds March 15, 2013 – March 15, 2014.

ViralGrain March 14, 2013 at 05:25 PM
$69,504 bid received from Class Act Maintenance for contractual cleaning services three times a week? Have they really loss their mind? How about 2 full time postions through the town to achieve the same if not more then what can be achieved in a 3 day work schedule at $60,000? That is still more then a generous salary and would make allot sense. Thank you patch for bringing these things to light that in the past would just be kept out of sight and out of mind of us the tax payers. Hopefully the transparency that Patch provides concerning the Town, Village and Schoolboard will pull us up and out of the mess that was caused by deals such as this being made with out public awareness and keep the powers at be on the up and up. Thank you Patch for such great community service.
Barbara Borsack March 14, 2013 at 07:04 PM
Actually two full time positions would cost considerably more than this proposal. When you consider benefits, retirement, etc hiring full time often is less cost-efficient. All numbers are carefully considered when something like this is done - we look at overall costs and retirement costs etc before making a decision, always looking to get the best possible deal for the taxpayers, which we are as well! This job involves a huge building, multiple cleaners, and also meant taking bids for the service. All our agendas and meetings are public so there is no attempt to hide any facts. If you have questions about things like this you should ask! We are always happy to clarify and make sure you have all the facts so you can understand the process and know that your elected officials in the village are working toward your best interest. That's our job.
ViralGrain March 15, 2013 at 03:40 PM
Not that there was ever an attempt to hide facts. Sorry if what I said could be intermitted as that. What I mean is Patch is doing a great job in bring to light issues that prior to the internet public discussion was very limited as was transparency unless you personally attended the board meetings. The town village could easily hire several workers on a year round, full time basis. If benefits are the issue then why wouldn't you be able to 1099 the employees? If that cost includes cleaning supplies the then its fair as long as the job is done perfectly and consistently. If the supplies are not included you should look into 1099 a couple of employees at 500 a week , which is 25,000 a year, combined your buying power with town and schools in obtaining cleaning supplies hire directly. Cleaning people have access to everything. You may hire a contractor to do the work but who is to say who they won't hire god knows who at a poverty rate may or may not even be legal to work? You stand in a better position for reasons of control and to save money not hiring a middle man and hire directly.
Barbara Borsack March 15, 2013 at 05:53 PM
Actually it's a much more complicated issue than it may seem. For instance, workers must be bonded to work in the building. We have explored all the options and this is the best product for the best price. Sometimes what seems to be simple solutions are not so simple. Municipal law dictates much of our processes, including hiring, and there is a bidding process involved. The scope of work is complicated and it's a huge building. This involves some level of trust in your elected officials and if you don't trust them you should replace them! As I said, if you have questions about this or any other issue you should go in to Village Hall and speak to the Mayor or Village Administrator who would be more than happy to clarify things. We pride ourselves on being very open!
ViralGrain March 15, 2013 at 09:24 PM
Well I trust you will make the best decision. I appreciate you taking the time to so. Hopefully the cleaning supply's are being included in that quote. I assume that the one who wins the bid will 1099 their employees also and or not make it a part time gig to where they would not have to include benefits either. Its just that if a 3rd party contractor can find people to do the job and cap some money off the top in doing so, I don't see why it wouldn't be possible for someone at HR in the Village to be able to fill the positions needed and cut the middleman out thus saving money. You can 1099 the employee's thus making them independent contractors individually where they would be responsible for their own taxes and taking the village out of any loop holes that would mandate benefits. What ever the the decision is, I do trust that it would be the rite one and hopefully the one that gets the job done at the best price. Hope I gave an option at least that could be considered and explored more that may save some money that can be used else where.


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