Police Say Man Stole More Than $7,000 from Bowling Alley

Also, man allegedly forged beach parking pass.

arrested the former assistant manager at for allegedly stealing $6,300 from a safe and $1,000 from the ATM.

Robert G. Wooding, 24, of East Hampton, was charged with third-degree grand larceny, a felony, on June 6. According to his arrest report, he admitted to stealing the money.

He was held overnight for arraignment in .

Craig Patterson, the owner of the bowling alley, went to police on May 24, just a few days after the money went missing, according to a police report. 

In other village arrests this week:

• A 45-year-old man from of New York City was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of possession of a forged instrument after police said they found a forged a non-resident beach sticker on a car parked at  on Sunday. He was released on $500 bail and will be arraigned in East Hampton Town Justice Court on July 11.

The preceding information was supplied by the East Hampton Village Police Department. A criminal charge is only an accusation and does not indicate guilt.

A correction was made to this article regarding the beach sticker forgery charge.

Janice June 12, 2012 at 10:37 AM
Save the article Talylor, this happens often in EH Village, yes i mean the bowling alley AND the fake beach stickers!!. Good reporting. THank you..
Ross MacKae June 12, 2012 at 07:30 PM
I am really surprised. I am really wondering what could have happened to him that he would do such a thing. He was not stupid, and that was a pretty bone-headed stunt. Robert was a very nice and helpful young man. He has been a delight to have working while I have bowled ay EH Bowl over the years.
Penny June 18, 2012 at 09:30 PM
And...then, there was nothing. No $$, no answers, no satisfaction on the part of the bowlers affected. Only in America, can you admit guilt, walk away & get out of jail on your own recognizance. Where & when do we, the victims, receive justice or at least something besides b.s. excuses. EH Bowl has not been forthcoming with info until provoked. Poking the bear here, we want answers, not the same old beating around the bush. Aside from shock, I am now pissed off that this is the only story that's been reported and then...silence, as it has been from the start, no follow up. What's happening EH Bowl? Robert?
Taylor K. Vecsey (Editor) June 18, 2012 at 09:33 PM
Penny, I understand your frustration. If you want, please email me at Taylor.Vecsey@patch.com. Thanks.
Ross MacKae June 19, 2012 at 02:13 AM
Come on Taylor ... answer Penny online. What is the Rest Of The Story? Sounds to me like there is a lot more. Exactly whose money was stolen? Why hasn't Craig Patterson taken care of the victims of his employee (If there are any, but sounds as if there are some not reported...????) This couldn't be one of those famous East Hampton Cover-ups! Is it? ... Is this like the DWI that disappears or the ????? Please do tell, I liked Robert, but is there more that is not being told? Taylor the water has been chummed.
Taylor K. Vecsey (Editor) June 19, 2012 at 02:20 AM
Ross, in all honesty, what I reported above is what I know. I have no reason to hold any information back. I was merely telling Penny that if she wanted to discuss it further (ie. if bowlers are upset and they want me to do a follow-up), I'd be happy to discuss. But, I cannot interview her over Patch. Not sure what you mean by a cover-up. Bowling alley filed a complaint, police investigated, a man has been charged, and the matter will work its way through the courts. If you all know something I don't, please do tell and you have my email address if you want to speak privately.
Ian Grossman June 25, 2012 at 03:47 PM
Penny - Information CAN NOT be released during a police investigation. That is why no information was shared by the business. Your league has a president, his name is Mike Semb. Do you remember him?? He is the one in charge of getting you, me and everyone else there money. We are the venue, just like when you book a wedding at a hall. If you hire a photographer, based on your opinions, then it's the wedding halls fault if the photographer you paid and hired does not show up. THE LEAGUE VOTED ROBERT IN BECAUSE HE WAS A TRUSTED BONACKER TO HOLD THE TREASURER OFFICE. The league rents space from the bowling center for the league to bowl. We are NOT responsible if someone steals from the 40+ people they grew up with a knew there whole lives. Mike Semb has followed up with the USBC and filed a bond claim. WANT MORE INFO CALL YOUR LEAGUE OFFICER!!! HE HAS ALL THE INFO!! Your poking the wrong "bear". Have a great day. - Ian
Ian Grossman June 25, 2012 at 03:49 PM
You were one of the ones who was blaming other people because you refused to think he was capable of the crime. You need to keep an open, clear mind so you can think clearly. This is the second time you blamed the wrong person. This time you want to put the responsibility on the business. 0 for 2 so far Penny!!
Penny August 16, 2012 at 12:14 AM
Keep on fronting for the alley Ian...it's your job. Yes, we, Wed Night League members are pissed & rightfully so. And, this isn't the 1st time money's been "missing" from a league. Sounds to me like the bowling alley should bear "some" responsibility here as well. Robert was not a trusted "Bonacker", so throwing that bone don't make this dog fetch. I am a Bonacker & I know b.s. when I read it, see it & smell it. Mike Semb...also silent. Don't talk about it, don't keep your (former) league members posted. Why do WE have to constantly ASK what's happening? Any information should be shared. Quickest way to shut me up...where's this imaginary "letter" Craig's been waiting to receive from the sanctioning body? So that he can reimburse us our prize fund? Yeah. Don't worry, it'll all prove out once summer's over & the lanes are BEGGING leagues to re-form. Good luck with that. And Ian... I AM thinking clearly. And clearly, this is not an issue I'm gonna let rest & rot under the rug. Keep it in the public eye & then maybe a fire will get lit under someone's ass. I am sooooo over your blah-blah-blah P.R. campaign for the bowling alley. This happened in June, it's now 1/2 way thru August. I smell b.s. as fresh as the day it happened. Ian, I'll "see" your sarcasm and "raise" it. Another question...did Craig ever press charges against Robert?
Ian Grossman August 16, 2012 at 12:39 AM
I am also a pissed off Wed. Night League Member. Why should the bowling alley bear the resposibility for your league officer stealing the money? Thats like asking for you to bear resposibility for the death of a family member because you sat next to them on the couch the day before they died. If he wasn't a trusted bonacker then he would not have been given the respposibility of handling everyones money. I have not received any information from Mike as to where it stands with the bond claim. We have no idea whats going on with his court case. Ask Mike, I do every week. If BS was so easy to smell then how did Robert's get past you?
Ian Grossman August 16, 2012 at 12:56 AM
Since you know the person who confessed then you pay us back the 1000.00 he stole out of the ATM, to use your logic, since you know him you owe us the money. If we had the money to pay everyone the money he stole don't you think the place would be modern and updated? When you needed money for your mothers funeral I offered a fundraiser for you and the league collected money for you. This is the same business you are trying to break, a business that was there in your time of need. NO GOOD DEAD EVER GOES UNPUNISHED.
Ross MacKae August 16, 2012 at 04:25 PM
Taylor, In light if Ian's continued behavior in reference to this matter as the bowling alley manager, and my personal knowledge of Craig and local politics, I apologize to you. I was actually half joking when I posted the above comment and just "stirring the pot". Now I read the repartee with Ian and a league bowler, and knowing how the league bowler feels, see how Ian treats her, I realize that you didn't have any foreknowledge and are probably still in the dark about much of what I am certain in my own mind, went on. You reported the facts that you knew, and I understand you can't report what you might suspect. Neither can any of us. So, I am sorry for my quick wit and hope that some day we all have more facts.
Ian Grossman August 16, 2012 at 04:32 PM
Ross the business is being treated like a punching bag and what is failed to be realized is we were a victim as well. We are innocent victims.
Penny Benbenek August 16, 2012 at 10:30 PM
Ian, so defensive. Craig has a voice...and a word processor...I got a letter once. He can defend the lanes. Oh please, go on the personal attack. You were a member of the league I attended. And yes, you offered the lanes for a fundraiser for my mother's funeral expenses, which I politely declined and thanked you for. I had left the league the month before it ends, to take care of her. What Robert was up to, was not on my radar. I am not "breaking the business", that it can do that all by itself. And to further clarify...I do not "know" Robert outside of the bowling alley. I voted with the rest of the league because he was an employee of the alley & if Craig trusted him, that's what we went on. And keep tossing that whole Bonacker angle out there...like if he wasn't a so-called "local" maybe things would be different. Nice touch throwing my mom's death in there...ouch, that one really hurt...not. My fellow league members that I have grown up with, Bonackers, if you will, with were the ones who collected $$ to help me...Robin especially. If you contributed, thank you. But that's what friends do for each other, so it wasn't the bowling alley with some generous donation...it was the Wed Night League, separate and apart as you have stated previously. As for bashing me for suggesting that someone that you know well, was the subject of speculation...at least I was honest with you. Unlike the lanes, shifting the suspicion towards former employees long out of the picture.
Ian Grossman August 17, 2012 at 12:47 AM
Penny you and I were friendly and cordial before this happened. Bottom line is we all deserve our money and my going back and forth with you because I think when way and you think another is wrong. I apologize to you for allowing this to get us both to a disrespectful level. I certainly did not intend to go down this road with you or anyone else and in my vigor I failed. I do believe it is wrong that you feel the bowling center owes the money when he confessed to the crime and that is where I should have left it. I will not change your mind and you will not change mine. I am awaiting word from Mike as to where we are on the bond claim and I believe, but not 100% sure, that Craig is looing into a loan for the money stolen.
Ian Grossman August 17, 2012 at 12:48 AM
*one not when*


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