Police Logs: Alleged Drunken Driver Assaults Officer and Runs

Also: Taxi driver tried to evade police outside of Surf Lodge.

The following information was supplied by the . A criminal charge is only an accusation and does not indicate guilt.

• Arben Shoshi, 25, of East Hampton, was arrested after he allegedly assaulted a police officer who pulled him over in Springs on Sept. 2.

Police were on patrol in Springs when they said they saw Shoshi in a Land Rover and he failed to lower his high beam lights for oncoming traffic. Police made a U-Turn and tried to pull him over, but he failed to stop, turned onto Gardiner Avenue, and then 17th Street. He appeared drunk and he performed poorly on his field sobriety tests, police said. He refused to take a breath test and when police advised him he was going to be arrested, he tried to make a run for it, they said.

The officer grabbed Shoshi by his shirt collar and Shoshi took several swings at the officer, the arrest report said. As the officer tried to radio for back-up, Shoshi hit him in stomach and ribs multiple times. The officer wrestled the defendant to the ground, as he tried again to call for help. "The defendant struck the under-signed officer's genitals with a closed fist," the arrest report said. Shoshi broke free and ran on foot toward 17th Street.

Police contacted the defendant's brother, who had him turn himself into police. He refused to take a breath test, still, police said. He was charged with second-degree assault, a felony, and resisting arrest, DWI, and driving while intoxicated by drugs/alcohol, all misdemeanors. Lisa R. Rana released Shoshi on $1,000 bail.

DWI Leads to Stony Brook

• Jennifer P. Zuleta-Castano, 26, of Montauk, was arrested after a hit-and-run over Labor Day weekend. Police said they received a report that an SUV hit a parked Jeep on Farrington Road at around 8:50 a.m.

They found Zuleta-Castano in a driveway on Freemont Road, where she lives, in a Ford Escape that had damage to the front driver's side of the vehicle. Police said she appeared drunk and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. After she was placed under arrest, she began "kicking the rear driver side window and did kick the window out of the track damaging the window," police said in a report.

At police headquarters, she had to be physically restrained, police said. In her cell, she even climbed on top of the sink and began beating her head on the cell camera, police said. She was transported to Stony Brook University Medical Center and admitted.

Released on an appearance ticket into hospital custody, she was charged with DWI, driving while ability impaired by drugs/alcohol, and fourth-degree criminal mischief, all misdemeanors.

Taxi Driver Had No License

• A taxi driver was arrested after he allegedly tried to flee from a police officer during a traffic stop over Labor Day weekend. According to an arrest report for Osman N. Akipnar, 27, of Bayport, police on foot patrol noticed a 2001 Mercedes stop in front of on Edgemere Road to solicit passengers, impeding traffic, on Sept. 2 at about 11:05 p.m. The officer walked over to the driver and asked him to pull over to the shoulder. He acknowledged and then pulled off at a high rate of speed.

The officer got into a police car and followed the Mercedes. Akipnar than made a quick right turn onto South Erie Street and shut his lights off. Police found him, ran his license and registration, and found the registration had been revoked on Aug. 20 when his for-hire insurance was cancelled.

He was charged with third-degree fleeing a police officer, a misdemeanor, and aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, also a misdemeanor. He was released on a $300 appearance ticket. It was not clear for which company, if any, Akipnar worked.


• Adan N. Vasquez, 26, of East Hampton, was arrested on a driving while intoxicated charge in Amagansett on Sunday after police said they saw a car being driven without headlights at about 2:50 a.m. The driver's arraignment information was not immediately available.

• David H. Rolfe Jr., 44, of New York City, was arrested on a DWI charge on Saturday in Montauk. Police said he was pulled over in a 2012 Audi for speeding on on Edgemere Avenue, near Montauk Highway, at about 2:15 a.m. He refused to take a breath test and was arrested. Justice Catherine A. Cahill released him on $500 bail.

• Jeremy S. Snepar, 33, of New York City, was arrested on a charge of driving while intoxicated over the Labor Day holiday. Police said they spotted his car, which had a defective headlight and brake light, on Pantigo Road, near Spring Close Highway, in East Hampton on Sept. 2 at about 1 a.m. He was pulled over and appeared intoxicated. Justice Rana released him on his own recognizance later that morning.

Drug Charges

• Jade D. O'Connor, 21, of Montauk, was arrested on a drug charge on Sept. 1 at about 1:40 a.m. Police said they saw two women standing behind the Memory Motel. O'Connor was standing against the wall, and th other was standing between two parked cars. Police said O'Connor appeared to be holding an object in her hands that both of the women were looking at. As the officer approached, they were startled and O'Connor threw something at her feet. The officer picked it up and found a ZipLock baggy with a small quantity of a white powdery substance in it, which later tested positive for cocaine. She was charged with seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance. Justice Rana released her on her own recognizance later that morning.

• Ivan J. Lucero, 32, of Montauk, was arrested and charged with possession of a hypodermic instrument, a misdemeanor, in Montauk on Saturday. The investigation began with a report of a stolen cellphone from a room at an apartment of South Elmwood Avenue. Lucero denied any wrong doing and consented to have his room searched. Police said they found several syringes in his armoire. "When confronted about the syringes, he pointed out three clear vials which contained an unknown substance," his arrest report said. No stolen items were found. Lucero was released on an $80 appearance ticket.

Domestic Disputes

• A 61-year-old Montauk man was arrested on Sept. 6, five days after a domestic dispute. Police were called on Sept. 1 after the man allegedly head-butted his wife and grabbed her around the throat. He turned himself in and was charged with criminal obstruction of breathing, a misdemeanor, and second-degree harassment, a violation. He was released on $300 bail.

• Police also arrested a 30-year-old Montauk man on two counts of criminally obstructing breathing and one count of second-degree harassment on Sept. 5. A woman accused the defendant of pushing her on the floor, standing over her while she was kneeling and choking her with two hands. He also allegedly held something over her face to muffle her screams, which led to her passing out. The man left before police arrived at about 9:30 a.m. He was placed under arrest on Duryea Avenue at about 11:40 a.m. He was released on $300 bail.

Editor's Note: East Hampton Patch's policy is not to name those involved in domestic incidents unless they are charged with serious felonies.


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