Judge Orders Psych Exam for P. Diddy's Unwanted House Guest

Quamine T. Taylor remains in jail on bail.

Lisa R. Rana has ordered a psychological evaluation for the Queens man accused of squatting at hip-hop mogul Sean "P. Diddy" Combs' East Hampton house.

, who was back in court on misdemeanor charges on Thursday, will undergo the examination to see if he is fit to proceed with charges, while he remains in Suffolk County jail in Riverside on $2,000 bail.

Taylor, 30, was arrested in early April after he took the train to East Hampton and a cab to Combs' Northwest Woods house, where he had been arrested 10 years earlier on similar charges. Police said he ate food and drank alcohol and soda that was in the house. He was charged with petty larceny and criminal trespass, after a caretaker reported him.

Combs was not at the house at the time.

Police had actually been at the house in the early morning hours when Taylor tripped the alarm, but he convinced them he was allowed to be there. There were no signs of a break-in; police said he entered through an open basement door.

The justice ordered Taylor to or going near his house during his last court date.

Wearing a red Pelle Pelle jacket and baggy jeans, the same clothes he had on at the time of his arrest, Taylor was represented by the Legal Aid Society in court.

After Taylor was led back to a holding cell, Rana said that she had received correspondence from Taylor's mother, dated April 25, and that the correspondence was going to be submitted to those conducting his mental examination. The court provided photocopies to the defense attorney and the Suffolk County District Attorney's office.

As Taylor left the courthouse in handcuffs with sheriff's deputies, Taylor said he was doing okay.

In response to an reporter who asked him where he got his jacket, as he left the courthouse in handcuffs for jail, Taylor said, "I talked to my lawyer, I should have been out of here 29 days ago."


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