Hit-and-Run Alleged in Springs

Police say there are no eyewitnesses, and the incident is still being investigated.

Police are investigating a reported hit-and-run in Springs after a man was taken to the hospital last week.

A 44-year-old Springs man was discovered laying in the bushes on Tyrone Drive on Nov. 5 at about 7 p.m. "He believed he may have been struck by a vehicle," Detective Lt. Chris Anderson said on Thursday.

He was taken to Southampton Hospital. First, he was transported by a private vehicle, which stopped at East Hampton Fire Department. The East Hampton Village Volunteer Ambulance then took him the rest of the way. Emergency medical personnel initially called for a Suffolk County Medevac to meet them at the ballfield next to the Bridgehampton Fire Department, but it was then called off.

Anderson wouldn't comment on the extent of the man's injuries, but he confirmed the man was released from the hospital.

There were no eyewitnesses to the alleged accident, but, Anderson said, "Currently, it's under investigation as a hit-and-run."

Walter Noller November 16, 2012 at 12:20 PM
Not to take away from the responsibility of the driver and the idea that a hit and run is becoming a serious issue in itself, but those walking need to take precautions as well. Too many people walking the local streets at night are simply hard to see. Dark clothing, hats/hoods camouflage you in the dark. Assuming a driver can see you is never a good idea. While flashlights are a help, make sure they are bright enough for drivers to see well in advance but make certain you don't point them as to blind the driver. Silly as they may seem, the blinking style of LED light is a great idea. Red lens get attention and don't cause night blindness. Any style of reflective clothing is also a helpful. Finally, walking against traffic lets the pedestrian anticipate the driver's path of travel. One last thought, those who ride bikes at night have the responsibility of making sure they are seen, same as any other vehicle with both headlights and tailights. I'd like to see police somehow influence this as it's a common practice in Springs and seemingly related to restaurant closings..comprender?


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