Gas Grill Likely Started Fire in East Hampton House Thursday

House not livable after fire started on the outside and ripped through roof.

Credit: Michael Heller/East Hampton Fire Department
Credit: Michael Heller/East Hampton Fire Department
Investigators said the fire that broke out at house on Two Holes of Water Road in East Hampton on Thursday was likely due to an outdoor barbecue grill.

East Hampton Town Chief Fire Marshal David (Buzzy) Browne said that the homeowner reported using the grill earlier that evening and that it had run out of gas while he was cooking. While the investigation continues, he said his office is leaning toward the grill as the possible cause.

"It was pushed right up against the exterior wall on the house so possible ignition from radiant heat or possibly burning grease in the catch pan," Browne said of how the fire started.

The damage indicated the fire burned from the outside to the inside, he said. The fire department was called Thursday at about 12:30 a.m.

When East Hampton Fire Department Chief Tom Bono arrived he found the flames had already spread into two rooms in the house, and broken through the roof.

The residents were already out of the house and no injuries were reported.

The fire chief called for tanker trucks from four other fire departments because of the lack of hydrants in that neighborhood.

Firefighters kept the fire from spreading, the house is not livable at this point, Browne said.

The fire burned a section of the deck, the exterior wall, into the eaves, and then through the roof in the kitchen area of the house. "There were also rooms below that have extensive water damage plus soot and smoke damage through out the rest of the house," he said.
jonathan miller November 04, 2013 at 10:28 AM
What a tragedy. It could happen to anyone.


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