Former East Hampton Harbormaster Suffers Gunshot Wound in West Virginia

Police are investigating how Frank Kennedy, now a Homeland Security officer, was shot in the torso.

WVNSTV report on Frank Kennedy shooting
WVNSTV report on Frank Kennedy shooting

Frank Kennedy, a former senior marine patrol officer for the Town of East Hampton and a high ranking official with the West Virginia Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, is recovering from a gunshot wound in West Virginia.

According to WVNSTV, Kennedy was shot in the torso on Sunday afternoon and the gun was found in the woods near his house in Charleston, where Kennedy lived. He retired from the town exactly three years ago Monday on Oct. 14, 2010.

Kennedy, who works as a Homeland Security training officer, was recently brought up on criminal charge. He was arrested on a suspicion of driving under the influence charge after an accident that sent two people to the hospital in early August, according to an ABC Eyewitness News WCHS-TV report on Sept. 24.

The Kanawha County Sheriff's Department told news agencies that the gunshot wound appears to be self-inflicted and that they are investigating whether it was accidental or intentional.

He is expected to survive.

Kennedy responded to the 9/11 terrorist attacks and was honored in a 9/11 remembrance ceremony in West Virginia because of his work at Ground Zero this past anniversary.

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Please join East Hampton Patch is sending well wishes to Frank Kennedy during his recovery.

Jimcavanagh October 20, 2013 at 07:44 PM
Don't waste your breath this guy should have worn a helmet when he was tearing up the woods with his dirt bike! Tin foil hats don't protect your brain case no matter how thick his skull is.
MARTIN DREW October 21, 2013 at 12:42 AM
JimCavanaugh -I'm meeting Taylor tomorrow to discuss ALL things tinfoil ? Remember what your mother taught you- got nothing nice to say .. It's my opinion DEAL with it for what it is. What are you tearing up - the couch ? Lol
MARTIN DREW October 22, 2013 at 12:11 AM
Re: Meeting with Patch Editor - Taylor Vescey ; We discussed PATCH - NEWS STATUS - oh well - apparently I am mistaken - Taylor STANDS with HER PATCH as a REAL NEWS Internet platform - what concerns me is PATCH POLICY - re: creative addy's vs. verified users - using REAL NAMES as a target of ridicule - attack - name calling - while hiding behind a fake attack point - civility is big issue these days ..CASTING STONES / defamatory content / slanderous takes .. Yada - Yada- I COULD BE AS FAKE..and light this BLOG component of TAYLOR'S NEWS platform -- just remember this .. THE STAR - official newsPAPER of our town does not allow slander / defamatory topics or name calling within .. Good taste to make a point .. Signing your real name does not get that our there - so know fake names DO NOT HAVE A FREE PASS to abuse this generous WEBSITE - NEWS PLATFORM - I have the GREATEST OF RESPECT FOR TAYLOR VESCEY - Her work ethic -her integrity - she is making this PATCH EVERYTHING IT HAS BECOME - her street presence and LEADERSHIP - have grown its popularity - I APPRECIATE THE NEWS INDUSTRY - Support TAYLOR'S EFFORTS AS COMMUNITY OF NEWSLOVERS - Community who together can MAKE THIS PLACE - Taylor's PATCH - the most TRUSTED NEWS SORCE - if party politics is of the table and WE as neighbors unite in TRUTH JUSTICE & THE AMERICAN way ... THIS PATCH - could - REPRESENT citizen harmony or discord in a positive way - step up be heard as m REAL neighbor - GIVE YOUR STORY TO TAYLOR - in interest of solutions now that divide us - divide and conquer .. We better come together before we loose control (get conquered) .. Be the eyes and ears of NEWS- Taylor - set some topics in play -- let the community tell the storyline - I could offer (5) REAL issues that REAL people want solution .. Got a opinion - tell Taylor - ... She'll ask the pols .. We set the agendas as public -- PATCH - Citizen News - of the people for he people .. Picture and some words - TAYLOR wants HER community to participate in a positive way .. She understands my point .. I hope u do too. Hey neighbor I'm MARTIN DREW - I'm a REAL PERSON - MARTINDREWSHOW@gmail.com - HERE ON PATCH - I'm JUST CITIZEN DREW - looking for REAL CHANGE - while I watch OUR TOWN - conquered.. Sad really .. SUPPORT our WONDERFUL EDITOR and her good work .. I'LL TRY TO OFFER POSITIVE / civil comments - if I disagree - I'll tell why -- LIKE I said TAYLOR - is on her game - HELP her report news not monitor political agenda warfare oh HER NEWS PLATFORM .. Bring a valid news topic up - Let's find the solution for our EDITOR so she can run it in to POLS as the NEWS REPORTER SHE IS !!! Just something to think about ? Expand on?? Power flows to the people who deserve it .. Money flows to those who can handle it So know TAYLOR IS A NEWS POWERHOUSE - we are her engine ..let's DRIVE - issues to her - as public / vette the problems - concerns - and find consensus through blogging and debate .. Like concerned neighbors would do to combat a common problem and not each other in the process .. TAYLOR - and I agreed PATCHS name POLICY IS QUESTIONED- I apologize for any misunderstanding on my part with PATCH STATUS IN NEWS - This was never about TAYLOR - her esteemed efforts for our community should be recognized this year - her hard work and dedication to us is unquestioned .. This Story was about Mr Kennedy - hope he is doing well .. Any updates ? Great to visit with our PATCH EDITOR TODAY TO CLEAR THE AIR - KEEP up your outstanding efforts to make YOUR patch the NEWS POWERHOUSE it can be if civility takes a foothold - Only then is community at its best - in here we should ALL BE ON TAYLOR'S TEAM - To report the news .. Thanks for setting the record straight - PATCH NEWS - support it as best you can .
Penny October 25, 2013 at 10:45 PM
Note the backpeddle as Mr. Drew is trying to garner support for his stab, at Supervisor...after reading the above ^...can you imagine the Town Board meetings? Cantwell.
MARTIN DREW October 26, 2013 at 07:44 AM
Penny - have you seen the current town board meetings? Do you even watch ? I know you don't participate - I have opinions - as a free thinker - sorry you criticize from the sideline .. Not everyone can do what I do -- STAND for the other team ... PATCH ... Needs to firm up it's fact gathering and reporting .. That's it .. Nothing more .. Don't make a mountain out of a mole hill .. I met with TAYLOR - she knows my point - she was woman enough to confront me in person over coffee .. That's what REAL people do .. They deal with the problem and solve it .. Not perpetual discord just for playtime .. Get over it WE did - as the payers - move on already - your guy is a shoe in - or are you getting nervous .. Lol ;)


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