Ray Topping Looks To Be Third Generation Fire Commish

Topping will go up against Bruce Dombkowski in Tuesday's election.

Ray Topping Jr., who has been a part of the for more than 36 years and is a former chief, is looking for a seat on the district's board of fire commissioners in next week's district .

Bruce Dombkowski, a former commissioner who was unseated four years ago in a write-in campaign by Jeffrey Louchheim, is .

Clifford Foster, a longtime commissioner, is not seeking re-election. The terms are five years.

The Topping family has a long and distinguished history in the fire department — Ray's grandfather, Harold Topping and father Raymond Topping, Sr. were both department chiefs and commissioners.

"I have a picture of myself at two years old, sitting in the fire truck," Ray said of the department always being apart of his life. "To watch them go work and do their job, it inspired me," he said of his father and grandfather.

Topping's pride in the department was apparent as was his excitement about the near the firehouse, which passed by a landslide in October and may allow the the expansion of the department. Topping said that he wants to "see things continue to move forward for the fire protection of the community and that helps everybody."

"That's why I feel it's time for me to step up," he said, adding, "I don't want to see us losing what we've gained."

"I want to see our morale and camareaderie continue," Topping said, continuing, "We have a lot of young people who are very enthusiastic and I don't want to see them lose that enthusiasm."

Topping works as a mechanic, maintaining and repairing the fire trucks and engines, both in and out of the Bridgehampton Fire District. He has also written out specifications for new trucks and engines.

Registered voters of the Bridgehampton Fire District may vote at the firehouse on Tuesday from 6 to 9 p.m. Also on the ballot, is the treasurer position. Longtime treasurer Charles Butler, who is also the appointed secretary, is seeking re-election.

Correction: Bruce Dombkowski was originally incorrectly reported as being a past chief.


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