East Hampton Mother Allegedly Drove Drunk With Son In Car

Susan Swanson was charged with four misdemeanors on Thursday.

An East Hampton woman was charged with felony drunken driving after police said she drove drunk and high with her son in the backseat, The Journal News reported.

Susan Swanson, who is 47, was arrested in the Airmont Village Hall parking lot near Route 59 on Thursday evening.

Ramapo police said the child was less than 16 years old. She was charged with four misdemeanors.

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Walter Noller April 01, 2013 at 12:33 PM
I simply have a problem in Patch hunting down stories about local residents and their doings in other areas. Do we not have enough happening in the area that you need to find other "juicy" stories or is there an agenda going on? Is it really necessary to make everyone's life so transparent? I have concern about such stories and not so much about the person's act, but that it is somehow ok to broadcast information about a person simply because of their ties to the community. I just don't see such a story as rising to the level of local news.


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