East Hampton Man Pleads Not Guilty on Rape Charges

Kleber Sigcha is being held on an immigrations detainer, as well as $150,000 bond, $50,000 cash.

Kleber Sigcha of East Hampton, who was , pleaded not guilty to an indictment, unsealed in Suffolk County Criminal Court on Wednesday.

Judge Barbara Kahn arraigned him on two counts of second-degree rape, sex abuse, and child endangerment, after allegedly caught him having sexual intercourse with a child less than 15 years old at a rest-stop in Wainscott on Jan. 24.

The judge ordered the 33-year-old to be held at the Suffolk County jail on $150,000 bond, $50,000 cash. As of Thursday morning, he had not yet posted the bail.  There is a detainer from the Immigration Customs Enforcement Bureau for him. He has been in custody since last week.

Police did not say whether the alleged victim was male or female, as the identity of rape victims is protected under State law.

Sigcha's attorney of East Hampton was not immediately available for comment.

Sigcha is due back in court on March 9.

Flyguy July 27, 2012 at 03:40 AM
At the risk of sounding totally hateful, rapists and child molesters should be castrated, incarcerated, and the family of the victim should get a get out of jail free card for whatever retaliation they see fit for the criminal.. We should not feel sorry for anyone who commits these crimes. When you take someone's innocence and scar them for life, the perpetrator should be impacted similarly or worse. We are too compassionate to these violent offenders. Sorry, but that is my honest opinion. Lucky for them, I am not writing the laws for this issue. There should be harsher laws regarding this type of crime and these people should be kept from ever commiting these crimes again.. In other words don't set them free. These people are calculated and seek out situations and jobs where they can pray on children and weaker people. Hurting a child should be punishable in the harshest way!!!
Jane doe September 08, 2012 at 07:17 AM
Trevor Darrell as a father/ lawyer must feel real proud to protect this disgusting garbage . All I can say is karma
Jaguar-Guy September 08, 2012 at 12:15 PM
Under our Constitution - everyone is entitled to a defense. If it wasn't Trevor, it would be some other criminal lawyer. I am sure he struggles with this personally, but I agree with you that I certainly hope Justice is served to this disgusting perp. soon.
willan paul chavez torres November 29, 2012 at 10:18 PM
hello my name is willan chavez towers .. I am from Ecuador ... and I have the information klever sigcha violated and abused his daughter and was arrested for that crime .. but not having going to try this out free for no proof because she was sent to Ecuador .. she always cries when he remembers that his father households forced him to do. -. she wants to return to testify for failing to go free .. helpme please contact me call me my number is 0995910855. and my email is wilip7@hotmail.com she does not want this rapist go free because when I return to Ecuador tene and continue abusing her. This is a rapist and should pay for what he did,,, violated the daughter was 13 that's not a potato is a madman help me help me help this child
erik alexander pani tacuri December 18, 2012 at 05:15 PM
i would like that men to pay for everything that he did to me*he dosent know how much im suffering for what he did to me i would like the police to make him pay for it*


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