Cop Identified in Alleged East Hampton Sex Scandal

The man was named Police Officer of the Year in 2012.

Julio Mario Galeano poses for a photo as Officer of the Year 2012. Photo Credit: Taylor Vecsey
Julio Mario Galeano poses for a photo as Officer of the Year 2012. Photo Credit: Taylor Vecsey
EAST HAMPTON, NY – The East Hampton police officer who was allegedly caught having sex with a part-time village employee inside a house he wasn't suppose to be at has been identified.

According to The New York Post, "law-enforcement sources" identified Julio Mario Galeano, 31, as the village cop facing disciplinary action — and possible criminal charges over an alleged sexual encounter he had in a village house he didn't have permission to be at. 

Officials were prohibited from releasing his name due to departmental policies and union contracts.

Patch reported Friday that Galeano was relieved from duty and another village employee was fired following a complaint of criminal trespass at a house in the village late last month. 

According to a previously released incident report, the two were caught a house on Talmage Lane after guests of the homeowner arrived on Dec. 30 at about 11 a.m.  They did not have the homeowner's permission to be there, according to police. 

Neither the officer nor the woman, whom Chief Jerry Larsen described in a statement on Friday as a 20-year-old part-time civilian employee, have been charged. 

"At this point in time criminal charges have yet to be filed in the case at the request of the property owner; however, this will not preclude the department from filing misconduct or other charges in the case, should they be warranted," Larsen said in the statement.

Meanwhile, the employment of Jennifer Rosa, a part-time traffic control officer, was terminated, a move approved by the East Hampton Village Board at their monthly meeting on Friday morning effective retroactively to Dec. 30.

The woman was allegedly a part-time house cleaner at the residence, Larsen said. 

The officer, a nine-year employee, was relieved of his badge and firearm on Dec. 30 and he remains on leave, Larsen said. 

An internal investigation of the incident is continuing, and further departmental action against Galeano is expected.

The pair have not been charged, though the initial incident report stated the homeowner did wish to pursue charges. The chief said at this time the homeowner doesn't want to pursue charges. 

Last January, Galeano was named the department's 2012 Officer of the Year and was honored at the annual Kiwanis Club dinner.

Galeano was selected, in part, because of his tenacity that led to bringing forth a rape case, officials said at the time. In January of 2012, Galeano was turning around at the rest stop in Wainscott, at the western edge of the department's jurisdiction, when he noticed some movement in a parked vehicle.

"Somebody else might have kept on driving right by," Larsen said, at the time, of Galeano's quick thinking during the initial investigation. "He's done a great job his entire career," he said last year.

Galeano joined the department after graduating from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City. He was the first, and remains the only, Latino officer in the department.

A Springs resident, he started working for the village as a traffic control officer in 2000.

When he was 12 years old he emigrated from a small town in Colombia to the East End. He attended the Montauk Public School and then graduated from East Hampton High School. He recalled going on a ride-along with a town police officer when he was in middle school, when speaking to Patch last year.

The experience only further cemented his dream of becoming a police officer, something he said he wanted to do as long as he can remember. "It's a good job and it's a great way to help the community," he said. "The community is changing a lot," he said, adding that he hopes he can act as "a role model to somebody," even if it's just one small child.

One Eye January 22, 2014 at 12:24 AM
They were just taking a break to get out of the hot sun and have a drink. plus just talking about their jobs. I see nothing wrong. They would have asked the owner for permission to be there, but couldn't find him.
Anthony Romeo Jr. January 22, 2014 at 02:06 PM
"SERVING YOUR COUNTRY, isn't for your amusement."
Tekken January 22, 2014 at 06:29 PM
This cop is fking dirty. Pulling girls over and asking for their number. You see him standing in town looking like a tough guy all the time. In reality, he's the same sore loser from high school. LOLOLOL
local Business owner January 22, 2014 at 06:56 PM
Most cops were pussys in high school. This guy pulled the race card too saying bc he was bilingual he was a better officer. They should make him into a piñata !
mostliked January 24, 2014 at 02:37 PM
Well said Tekken
Daniella Ruiz January 24, 2014 at 05:21 PM
awwww, he was only getting his oil changed! it keeps the community running smooth and quiet!
Tuco Leon January 24, 2014 at 08:29 PM
Tuco Leon January 24, 2014 at 09:18 PM
This guy pull me over and arrest me ........ I told him before you arrest me you have to know that I'm on my way to work I need the money to pay my sick mother medicine I am not a criminal .....and he reply " that's not my fucking BUSSINESS " I'm so glad this fucker got some of his own medicine
local Business owner January 25, 2014 at 07:53 AM
Yes Tuco Mario was a big dick. I hate cops like that. They don't serve the community , they harrass it!!
rob andre January 26, 2014 at 10:09 PM
im glad to see this cop gone!! he was very aggressive with giving tickets to alot of people i9ncluding me who know alot of the other cops which out of aq respect thing ya just give a warning.. but he didnt.. a lot of my friends made complaints about him also, if you would like to checkim pretty sure the Freedom Of Imformation Act law3 will get you the complaints made against this officer.. i even had a heated argument with that civilian now ahahhahaha now your not a co-p i hope to run into you on the street, cause last time you were hiding behind your badge threatening me with "obstruction Of Justice" charge because i was talking heatingly to you and you were to dumb to come back at me with any witty come-backs.. ohh im loving this and i know alot of americans out here who are friends with a lot of the other cops are too.. we all know you lgave breaks to your ethnic group, but with US it wasnt about ethnicity.. it was about WE were friends with detectives, and LT's, and regular PO's that you shouldve gave us passes for but you didnt.. nbow KARMA got you MARICON!
MARTIN DREW January 27, 2014 at 08:34 AM
@ rob andre - he isn't gone yet .. don't think he's bern charged w/ anything .. might not be .. apparently .. what makes you think when and o of YOU or pthers broke the law -- being friends with Det/ PO & LT's DESERVES as pass from lawful prosection -- YOU know I'm no angel hypocrit -- I've had incidents -- and have been arrested and I KNOW basically the entire PD Dept save a few new officers - no breaks given or DESERVED ... no - one os above law enforcement .. they do protect and serve .. even me when appropriate -- when taking the law into one own hands vs. calling 911 and filing my complaint to enforce a wrongdoing in action ... Mario - a hard ass - looking for advancement thru action did have a rep -- BEWARE he still may keep his job -- my beef in this is on the spot - he should have been arrested -- like when you drive a car for a friend who w/o personal knowledge asks to stop at a bank - they rob it - but you were the driver ... association makes you guilty in the law .. so trespassing knowing it wasn't his gf right to invite .. crossed the threshold of lawful conduct and should have been treated like you and I are w/o a second thought .. He pulls the race / union card I'm thinking ... and it being carefully HANDLED -- and he has the dept by the short hairs according to OFFICER WOODS lawsuit .. money rule$ ... the day ... public opionion ... doesn't rule the cash register of the village. I agree with you Mario a hard ass - gave me tickets too - a break would have been NICE .. but apparently NICE does't get a PROMOTION .. His job is on the THIN BLUE LINE .. He's embarrased the CHIEF / MAYOR and himself.. hopefully he's gone . JUSTICE SERVED COLD IS STILL JUSTICE .. If poor conduct got the girl fired - he should get same .. or as the gf I'd sue the village for DISCRIMINATION ! FAIR IS FAIR AND THE LAW APPLIEDs TO US ALL ... EQUAL TREATMENT UNDER THE LAW!! PS . calling people " FAGGOTS" even in Spanish is socially unacceptable -- probably harrasssment so be careful ... THEY can use internet communications against you .. trust that -- it happened to me -- careful what you put in wrting using technology .. but the again this is private website .. gets touchy .. i hope it's BYE BYE in equal treatment for the womans sake involved - no one cares about her career .. Adios Mario - been real ...get to stepping to the unemployment line !
Robert limonius January 29, 2014 at 08:00 PM
It's just disgusting! We live in a class-act community were other communities across the country envy us. We are make the news headlines for all the wrong reasons...it's a shame. I'm still very curious why the person that had the keys to the house was fired(?)and the one person that did not have permission or the keys is on payed vacation in Columbia? Next time I get in trouble...where can I sign up for a association like that?
local Business owner January 29, 2014 at 10:44 PM
The chief and the mayor should really say something and be held accountanle
Francy January 31, 2014 at 06:35 AM
He was on-Duty that night,this person didn't have money to pay for a motel,He will do the same tomorrow,and after tomorrow. All his bad actions embarrasment the entire police department.
rob andre February 01, 2014 at 12:13 AM
@Martin.. when i had my problem with mario it was about something id rather talk to you in person about.. lets just say my other officer friend had to hold me back from him while he hid behind his badge threatening me with obstruction of justice charges witch he didnt.. i dont back down to anyone nor am i afraid of anyone, or anybody wearing a badge as long as they show me the respect i show them i will do the same.. i have 4 powerfull lawyers in my family and if someone wants to bring an action because i wanted to call him a "macaroni"?? hmm did i spell that wrong and accidentaly type spanish??? why did i say a bad word?? i dont speak spanishso it wasa typical spelling error.. pero yo puedo hablar espanol muy bien? y yo conosco que maricon es.. now if he still is on the force i will heckle him with my 1st amendment right that was granted to me under the constitution.. i may be vindictive, but only to those who have wronged me or in Marios case, tried to wrong me by being a tough guy when he isnt..i allready have cop friends who are gonna tell me when he is back and when he will appear to a meeting at town hall or the courts, and i will be there with video camera in tow to embaress him and to see how he feels what he has done to others... it has nothing to do with my little incident with him, but i will be very carefull as i always am.. i walk a very fine line and know when to push and when not too.. i suspended my facebook acct for a while cause its just not cool like it used to be.. too many old people and not worthy people who should be on there.. anyway when he comes hiding back from columbia my video tape will be on my page and thats when ill open it back up.. so stay tuned for some fun!!!
MARTIN DREW February 01, 2014 at 02:00 AM
@ rob andre - I'm willing to sit back and watch ... ought to be interesting ... I don't know Marios rep to well but it seems he was not popular .. what comes around .. whats good for the goose .. equal treatment under the law .. eye for an eye .. ok .. I'm spectating here forward - I've said my piece - if treated as I've been - Both should have been arrested when homeowner wanted charges made .. now it's become a joke on us ... SPECIAL TREATMENT - Just because he wears blue ... makes me upset too ., Every action has a reaction ... it's the law of physics in motion . I'm always up for a good laugh !
rob andre February 01, 2014 at 03:42 PM
@Martin... if he doesnt get fired.. im pretty sure he will.. but im gonna try and make sure he does because ive been talking to alot of my friends and theyve been wronged by him. he doesnt deserve the trust of the people which either on duty or off he is supposed to be held to a higher standard than non p.o's..so in this little 1 horse town, he shouldnt be a cop again.. of coarse if this was NYC it wouldnt be a big deal, but this is EH where everyone lives for the EH Star to come out on Thursday just to see who got arrested.. and Andre isnt my last name but its pretty damn close and the way you pronounce it is what alot of people called me as a nickname.. i know this is being read by alot of people including cops, and believe me im not one to be crossed, so im not gonna go into anything ...YET... but if he remains a cop, im gonna cash in a chip or 2 to persued that he isnt one... gotta be carefull what i say from here in now...so thats all..
Amy Ayala February 01, 2014 at 06:10 PM
He has been a good cop, of course he has made a mistake, but who hasn't. The incident happened off duty it shouldnt have been made this big of a deal its so stupid. I can see from his POV why he was so tough, as a spanish person i can say that, in seeing him being spanish you automatically assume he has to give you a break because you're spanish as well. I would rather be called a asshole cop rather one that doesnt do my job and gives the spanish people free passes just because they're spanish. He's a good tough cop. Most american cops are so lenient on spanish people, dont get me wrong i mean thanks, but most spanish people get away with more thing than any other race. This guy isnt a bad cop. HE obviously made a mistake OFF duty. Im not saying what he did was wrong, but everything is being blown out of proportion. Its terrible how people only see each others negativity.
local Business owner February 01, 2014 at 08:13 PM
Amy, this guy is a total dick with a big chip on the shoulder. If any of us did what he did and he showed up as a cop he was arrested us our names being the paper and all kinds of legal trouble would be in motion. So the whole point is is that he should be treated the same way he would treat us
Amy Ayala February 01, 2014 at 08:37 PM
ok so maybe hes tougher than hes suppose to be, maybe because like you and me he didnt have uncle chief or uncle capt or uncle sgt to help him with anything. Obviously hes got no police family. He fought his way up there, so of course hes going to be tougher. No one gave him a break. And im sure you know ALL cops are under union protection, so if it were another cop they would be treated with the same outcome of a fair hearing. So blame the union or the govt if you dont like the fact he wasnt arrested. You cant hold that against him. Or the police dept. Its just the way things are run. Everyone is upset because he hasnt gotten in trouble and its not because he used a jail free card, let him get his hearing, his side of the story before anyone judges.
BooBa February 02, 2014 at 02:12 PM
Packing more fudge in Colombia on a paid vacation and the woman involved is smuggling more bones!
Alwayslocal February 07, 2014 at 11:00 PM
What's the update here? Now that Taylor Vesey is gone, everything will fade away? UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE!
Amy Ayala February 09, 2014 at 07:36 PM
get over it, theres no charges. no story. just people with nothing better to do other than hoping Mario gets fired. People make it seem like the crime he did was the worst thing and he should be hung for it. I know what he did wasnt right but the guys has been splattered everywhere, he gets it.There are worse cops out there that have actually done real crime, and abused their authority and are still kept on the force.
Christina DeLauro February 10, 2014 at 06:42 AM
Amy: The issue here is not what he did per say, it is his dishonesty that bothers me. Makes me wonder what else he has done. And, this is not his first incident of questionable behavior. Unlike us regular Joe/Jane citizens, he took an oath. He of course should be held to a higher standard. The fact that he is Latino has absolutely nothing to do with it, but it seems like your only reason to defend him. Black, white, Chinese, straight, gay or whatever, I wouldn't appreciate anyone, especially an officer, doing this in my home. And do you really believe thus sort of thing is an isolated incident. Message needs to be sent, lesson needs to be learned.
Christina DeLauro February 10, 2014 at 06:46 AM
And by the way, if a teenager enters a house and takes a bottle of booze, he is arrested. Are you saying that when a sworn officer of the law illegally enters a residence without the owners permission, to have sex in his home, that it's ok ? Well, it is most certainly not.
Tekken February 10, 2014 at 10:21 AM
@ Amy, you're an idiot. Stop defending this pos. He shouldn't be at someone's house having sex PERIOD. Ever heard of paying for a hotel? LOL. Everyone can point and laugh at this fool now. Hey look, its that cop raiding dirty pantie's at someone's house LOLOLOLOLOL.
local Business owner February 10, 2014 at 10:37 AM
Yeah Amy you are a dumbass! This cop has to get fired to keep the integrity of the eh police dept. The chief and mayor need to step up also . All three should be replaced. Mario is an idiot and an asshole
Amy Ayala February 10, 2014 at 08:03 PM
No its not my only reason to defend him. Its too bad people only look at flaws and not the way he has helped the community. And i didnt realize we had children on this site. Name calling is unnecessary grow the fuck up. Im just giving my opinion. Just like everyone else on here. if you dont like it fine ignore it. And dont point fingers if your hands arent clean.
Amy Ayala February 10, 2014 at 10:16 PM
Dont assume because im a female and defending him i have to be sleeping with him. Im just putting in my 2cents. And its not loudly. Just because im not a hateful and sad person like you doesnt mean i want to see the rest of the people around me like that. You seem very uptight. Go get laid maybe thats what you need instead of being mad cause you dont get any. ;)
Christina DeLauro February 11, 2014 at 07:40 AM
Amy is just lucky that stupid is not an arrest-able offense, such as trespassing.


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