Autopsy: Headless Body Wasn't Decapitated

The body is that of a man, 20 to 30 years old.

Autopsy results reveal the that washed ashore in Amagansett on Sunday was that of a man who was 20 to 30 years old. 

Chief Ed Ecker said on Tuesday morning that the Suffolk County Medical Examiner's office found there were no obvious signs of trauma to the badly decomposed body. There were no gun shots or breaks to the bones and the body was headless "not through decapitation but through the normal process of decomposition," Ecker said. 

The ME's office also reported the unknown man was of slight stature, one of the few descriptions police have to go on in trying to identify him. 

The body was also missing his left leg from the knee down through decomposition as the body was in the water for months, the report said.

A finger had also been missing, Ecker said, but was found during the police dive team's search of Gardiner's Bay, near where the body was found off of .

Divers were unable to find the skull.

In a joint investigation, detectives and the Suffolk County Police Department will be talking to the Coast Guard and the surrounding states to identify any missing persons fitting the unknown man's description.

"Hopefully today we'll have more information," Ecker said. 

Rumors were that the body was found at Gilgo Beach further west. However, those remains were all female. 


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