Which Pharmacy Do You Trust?

Tell us where you go during the cold and flu season.

The cold weather has arrived with the holiday season, albeit a few weeks late, but it's here now. With that comes the cold and flu season. Stuffy, runny noses, coughs, sore throats, and the like. Which pharmacy do you turn to have prescriptions filled and get over the counter cold medicine?

Patch has an extensive directory of businesses and we would like all of our readers to benefit from the experience the same way your very own neighbor would if they asked for a recommendation.

Visit Patch Places to learn about East Hampton area pharmacies or write reviews. Which one do you recommend? Are some pharmacists more helpful than others? Do some stores have a better, more affordable stock of items you might need, like flu symptom relievers, tissues, and Chapstick?

Here's how it works: The comments section is closed on this particular article, but click on the pharmacy you want to write a review of, and then leave your opinion. You can write reviews on as many as you want.

Write reviews for some previous ones you might have missed!

  • (One we missed was added!)


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