Still Shopping? Share Ideas for Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Let's help each other out. Share where you found a unique gift.

There's only two shopping days left until Christmas — time is running out.

If you're like many, you may find yourself scrambling Sunday and Monday to find that perfect gift for someone — err, everyone — on your list.

We'd like to offer some help. Let's use this post to share last minute shopping ideas with each other. Perhaps you came across an item in the past few days that you didn't realize was sold locally or that you never thought of before as a gift. Business owners, feel free to post your suggestions, as well. Help your neighbor out. Post a comment below.

If you're curious, the photo above is of one of the best selling stocking stuffers at Wainscott Hardware. The Teeny Turner Screwdrivers come with seven bits for those small items such as watches and remotes.

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