PSEG: Please Stop Environmental Grievance

Well, this is the latest insult from PSEG: They will be spending 6 weeks to masacre the rest of the trees along the 'Power Route Scandal'. In a letter from PSEG, dated March 12, 2014:
  " Do you know that approximately one-third of electric service
interruptions on Long Island are caused by trees and branches coming in
contact with the electric wires

That's why PSEGLI's Line Clearance Contractors will be in your
neighborhood during the week of May 1, 2014, to clear tree branches away
from the electric wires. The work will take about 6 week(s) to complete."

Are you kidding? This is in their letter!!! This is so crazy!Then, Why are we stringing these overhead ?Are you really going to allow them to cut more through our neighborhoods? All I hear is talk , there is no action. Writing a letter and putting on a show, like at the town hall, was all for media purposes was a sound bite that you are on the side of the citizens. However, this is not true, actions speak louder than words.  The officials can say you are trying but they are not doing anything. Don't tell me they can't.  They can stop work for any job, if the town believes any job is near wetlands, or if the building that is being built by a citizen is not the work that was laid out in their plans, they can stop the work. If this stop work costs PSEG money, that's fine, they purposely misled, purposely hired a private company, so that their 'hands would be tied'. This legal battle of blue collar neighborhood vs BIG Business, is one that is being allowed to happen. This is not happening in other parts of East Hampton, many neighborhoods are having these wires buried today.  Why are we being penalized?  Please don't ever shut down this road again for halloween, don't ask anyone along this route for any votes, don't ask anyone that you have turned your backs on, for anything. Don't insult us by saying that you are doing something, without anything happening. Obviously, overhead wires are not as safe as touted, because by their own admission, one third of outages are from trees! Maybe we could remove every tree in east hampton so that they won't get in the way, does this sound reasonable?  Maybe if this was in front of your house, or in front of a wealthy person, things would be different. This discrimination of the blue collar working man of this town, who  have been sold up the river. I suppose denuding our property, placing tower like poles within feet from our doorsteps and bedrooms, we are living under high tension wires is not a big deal for you. Yet some man's house will be demolished by the town because it is an "eyesore" as reported last week! You will buy remote properties for millions of dollars to 'preserve the nature of our community' this is HYPOCRISY!!!  The people of this community should understand what is really going on, special interests,environmental conservation-only when convenient, spending money in the name of preservation-yet stripping a 6 mile airstrip through the center of the town, not a problem.
This is a plea to our officials: STOP THE PROJECT TODAY.

richard janis March 18, 2014 at 08:39 AM
People don't have an issue with "pruning" what PSEGLI did here was tree destruction to the point that they had to completely remove the trees to the ground! We had a tree in front of our house was 40'+ tall and as old as the hills that was reduced to a 10' stump! PSEGLI claims their crews are professional arborists! Another insult brought to you by PSEGLI!
richard janis March 18, 2014 at 08:41 AM
Todd, there was a neighbor along the route who parked 2 cars in the designated pole location. The result was PSEGLI merely moved the pole location past his cars!
Pat Mansir March 18, 2014 at 09:17 AM
The point is being missed. PSEG-LI has been only giving out bits of info to make this sound like a strengthening of poles and new wires. All sounds good. Now we get mammoth ugly things that are very tall in order to accommodate a deadly amount of electricity. That's the problem, having lethal amounts of a deadly current run across our yards. We are the truckway for this electrical corridor. These are dangerous. I heard the PSEG lingo and I'll bet it's similar to the content of their environmental assessment given to the State. They are professionals at softsell in order to not rile up people until the job is so far done that they can't stop. There are little children all along this corridor. Cancer risk exposure is more dangerous to their little bodies. They are more susceptible to it. We are not elitists. We are working people. No one should have to bare these worries. Go underground along the high tension wires. As it is they are just a stones throw from Accabonac, but at least not in our front yards. I do not know why this is so hard to understand.
Conservative Underground March 18, 2014 at 10:11 AM
Too bad certain former public officials did not care this much when Bill McGintie was running EHT into the ground.
Pat Mansir March 18, 2014 at 02:45 PM
No you can't say I didn't care. I was physically ushered out of three bookkeepers offices when I tried to get into the books. That was not pretty. The shenanigans were as wrong as what we are dealing with with PSEG. They also took their toll, as will this. During my time we could not even get to an explanation of WHAT was done, and I lived the process of working without trusting and digging and for information for over a year, and did find some solutions. I was finally very grateful to know what wrongs were done but never knew why. I credit the administration that followed for the disclosure. Please don't think I did not care or try or fight, as was noted in the newspapers. And that fiasco was the culmination of 12 extremely productive years, products of which we will benefit from for many, many years to come. And believe me, I miss being there very much. But the issue of the safety and health of the people living around a 33,000 volts field of electricity is what is before us here. There is a solution to be had. and I am a mother and a grandmother and the intrinsic instincts to protect human life is too strong to ignore. We had a 13,000 volt line come down and where it touched it set fires, it flailed around and where it landed on the sidewalk, it melted grains of sand in the sidewalk into slivers of glass. In areas where the wires come too close to buildings, OSHA will not let carpenters even begin to do any work on the structures. And, maybe the biggest thing here, what do PSEG have planned for the next phase? We do not know and cannot find out. They're going to Amag, but the loss of several generators on Industrial Rd in Montauk is what they are trying to make up for. More questions then answers. Not giving up.


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