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This is a week most of our country, the USA, moves into with sadness and grief.  Some of the mental energy of last week is an energy that if over stimulated can indicate setting off mental health issues.  Those that are in the unfortunate position of not be mentally unstable can be stimulated by things the rest of us find exciting or helpful.  The tragedy in Connecticut happened while a YOD configuration in the sky was very pronounced, it sent out an energy that was exciting but also violate.   This YOD and the New Moon of a few days ago  had energy that melded with a fixed star called RasAlhague, this star is in the head of the constellation Orhiuchus, this star represents a passionate energy that is not always contained, it’s the mad genius.  Its also the inner struggle we have with our lower self, since Orhiuchus is wrestling a serpent in this constellation, we  have an energy that fights its lower nature.  I can only hope that something as awful as yesterday’s shooting has us as a society take a closer look at what we need to do to make our country a safe and sane place for all of us.  This includes looking at our gun laws and how we treat those with mental illness.

This week has the energy of sadness since the planets Venus and Neptune square each other for the first few days of this week, we collectively can feel victimized but within that is also an energy to make change. We may hear a lot of misinformation, rumors and falsehoods, but the core of this energy is a need to create harmony.  The heart center for all of us is a little more open this week, we cannot block out feelings we want to block out.  So it’s a time to be easy with yourself and those around you, as well as strangers as everyone is hurt and everyone reacts differently to that hurt.

By mid week we start the healing process and the planets Saturn and Pluto help us, they are in a position with each other called a mutual reception, this is a very strong energy that means work bring results.  The planets and signs involved indicate it’s a time of getting some major legislation and attitude changes in the country about guns and how we look at gun ownership.  It does not mean rights are taken away, but these planets do like to bring a positive energy that most can live with. 

On Friday we have the winter solstice at 6:12 AM New York time.  Traditionally the solstice is a time of  celebration and renewal as the Sun comes back and we start to have longer days.  This year the solstice is very important is it indicates a shift of energy for our planet, we are evolving to a more spiritual path at this point in time, and since the Sun is sextiling Neptune on the 21st it’s a wonderful day to open yourself to the universal energy that will flow freely that morning. My suggestion to all of us is to send love, joy and forgiveness to our world, as we are better collectively when we embrace universal love and acceptance and reject anger and hate.  


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