LaValle, Behan Endorse Carl Irace for Justice

Also, former Republican Chairman Perry B. Duryea III supports Irace in town justice race.

Perry B. Duryea III, left, has endorsed Carl Irace, right. Credit: Courtesy of Carl Irace
Perry B. Duryea III, left, has endorsed Carl Irace, right. Credit: Courtesy of Carl Irace
Carl Irace, the Republican and Independence party candidate for East Hampton Town Justice, is bringing in endorsements from some notable politicians.

Sen. Ken LaValle, R-Port Jefferson, said in a statement, "I look forward to working with Carl lrace whose experience and energy will bring fairness and efficiency to East Hampton Justice Court." LaValle's office confirmed the endorsement on Wednesday.

Irace, a former assistant district attorney for the Bronx County district attorney's office from 2001 to 2010 worked most recently for the Town of East Hampton before going into private practice. He is running against Democratic candidate Steven Tekulsky, an attorney for 35 years who ran close race against East Hampton Town Justice Lisa R. Rana in 2007.

Justice Catherine A. Cahill, a Democrat and the senior town justice, is retiring.

Former Republican State Assemblyman John Behan, and his wife, Marilyn Behan, a lifelong Democrat who ran for East Hampton Town Board on the Independence Party ticket in 2011, are also throwing their weight behind Irace, a first-time candidate. "With the ever expanding population of the East End, the need for a fair and impartial candidate for our court system is our utmost concern," John Behan said in a statement provide by the Independence Party. "Marilyn and I look to Carl, to be that man."

Former East Hampton Town Supervisor Mary A. Fallon also endorsed him. "l am pleased to endorse Carl lrace for East Hampton Town Justice. Carl and his wife Alice live in Springs. He is an outstanding young man. I am certain that Carl will bring dignity and justice to East Hampton Justice Court," she said.

Perry B. Duryea lll, a former East Hampton Town Republican Chairman, said, "Carl's tireless campaigning and obvious interest in serving as EastHampton Town Justice tell me that he is the person for the job."

Tekulsky, who previously received endorsements from State Assemblyman Fred Thiele, I-Sag Harbor, and former Town Justices Roger Walker and James Ketcham, declined to comment.

In announcing the endorsements, East Hampton Independence Party chairwoman Elaine Jones said, "Carl has worked tirelessly representing the public in court for the last 13 years, and he has brought that same effort to our Town during his campaign for Town Justice. East Hampton voters have the opportunity to help Carl make our Court a better resource for our community."

Though Legis. Jay Schneiderman, I-Montauk, was asked for an endorsement, he said he is currently not endorsing any candidates for East Hampton Town positions this year, but he did have kind words for both Irace and Tekulsky.

"Carl Irace's experience as a trial lawyer, assistant DA and deputy town attorney provides him a good background for someone seeking to serve as town justice. Carl has shown his commitment to the community through providing free legal counsel to non-profits like LVIS and the Retreat," Schneiderman said.

He also said, "I am confident in Steven Tekulsky's ability to serve as a fair and balanced Town Justice. Steven has demonstrated his legal expertise in the courtroom for 35 years. Steven has also shown his dedication to the community through his years of volunteer service with the East Hampton Fire Department."
jonathan miller October 11, 2013 at 04:14 PM
Go Carl!
Surfprotector October 11, 2013 at 05:51 PM
Yes, two good candidates are squaring off. Yet, there is a fairness, intelligence and fire in the eyes of Irace that sets him apart from the other guy. One gets the feeling that Carl will bring in a new kind of youthful energy and a "can do" attitude that will help him to maximize the potential of the court system,here. When you meet Carl, you know that he is above all, honest and fair minded. You don't get the feeling that he's a career politician subservient to the whim of any particular party;instead you get the impression that this fellow puts aside all of the political blah blah....and sets a higher standard to get the job done. Two good candidates...but I hope Carl wins.
MARTIN DREW October 13, 2013 at 12:51 PM
Yes Yes; BUB ... Carl Irace for Town Justice ! Like the Newly Appointed Chief of Police :Mike Sarlo - Mr. Irace brings forward a up to date awareness in the legal world. They are the finest of our locals ; who indeed will insure respect for themselves and citizens as our town legal representatives . Our Town deserves the quailty education and service of this caliber of man. Both are dedicated to law enforcement . Vote - Carl Irace : Town Justice. As Justice ;his credentials insure our town and its citizens will be in good well disciplined; fair hands ; now and into the future . -FYI - it's my opinion as a (B)onacker - as 1 of 4200 of us Ask around -the (B)lanks - want JUSTICE .. at many levels... Carl Irace has my support - show him YOURS at the voting booth. As a Town we will not be disappointed in him as Town Justice.
Leslie McErlean November 04, 2013 at 08:27 AM
Carl Irace needs to come clean about his locale estate dealings. See the speak out letter on this site. He has some explaining to do before he should run for anything. Do not be fooled, get the facts.


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