Qivana Health Systems

A new and emerging Nutraceutical Company is bridging the gap between Pharmaceutical medicine and Alternative methods in Healthcare, and it's called Qivana.

Steered by a group of gentlemen from the Pharmaceutical and Network Marketing industries they have combined talents and have created a health & wellness company unlike any other company in the marketplace today.

Qivana Health Systems are an all natural pharmaceutical grade alternative to prescription medication. The systems work with the very systems in our bodies, the immune/anti aging, cardiovascular and the metabolism systems. Each of these systems works with the other to heal internal medical issues. We don't make medical claims however, testimonials from thousands are pouring in everyday with positive responses.

Qivana is a four year old company and is positioned currently the only Nutraceutical company in the world. We are expanding in Asia, Germany, Mexico, Canada, and nationwide in the USA.

For more information, contact Debbie Astorr 516-991-5001.



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