Inlet Cafe's Mussels Are Worth The Trip To Montauk

As if you needed another reason to head east, the white wine goodness over a heaping bowl of mussels will make you wish there was more.

There's nothing better than sitting at a table, waterside, eating fresh seafood at sunset. For the best mussels, go to in Montauk -- the Mussels in White Wine and Garlic Sauce is a must.

What an absolute treat. This is a dish you'll find -- and often done very well -- at various restaurants, but after visiting many restaurants on the East End none seem to have mastered this dish the way Inlet has. 

The Dish: Mussels in White Wine and Garlic Sauce ($15)

What's Inside?: Mussels, Garlic, Cream, White Wine, Bread

How's It Taste?: The broth, on the heavier side, is still a delicate pool for the tender and sweet mussels to relax in. The garlic presence is by no means over powering. The wine adds a sweet and tangy bite to the dish. The garlic bread is perfect for dipping in the broth. You'll be left wanting more.

The dish is great as an entree or as an appetizer to share between two. There are a good amount of mussels served, but you'll be left wishing there were more.

Inlet Cafe offers a variety of different dining options, from sushi to steak.


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