#91 -- Rejuvenate Your Body for Spring

KamaDeva Yoga is offering an "Athlete's Cleanse."

It's spring (even though it doesn't exactly feel like it on this lovely rainy Tuesday) and that means rejuvenation. Time to toss those old clothes taking up space in the closet, sort through the cabinets, and, how about a cleanse?

will be hosting a seven-day group juice cleanse that starts on April 14 (There's an informational session on Thursday at 6 p.m.). Adam Kelison, the author of The Athlete's Plate: Real Food for High Performance who has also created Organic Performance and SunPower Organics product lines, will be leading the group through the detoxification process.

The juicing cleanse uses whole food supplements from its "The Athlete's Cleanse Kit" of SunPower Greens, cleanse powder, detox tea. It doesn't matter if you're an active individual or someone who just need a kickstart to their new workout regime. The kit also comes with a tongue scraper, body brush, and manual -- all in an organic tote.

, a stone's throw from KamaDeva, will be offering organic juices for the cleanse. Three 16-ounce drinks each day are available for $210.

Kelison is a chef, nutritional consultant, and three-time Ironman finisher -- so he should know a thing or two about getting the body ready for a new season.

Category:  Health and Wellness, Fitness
Price: For the program: $325 includes kit, evening lectures, and a 45 minute consultation. Juices: $210 at Babette's, or make your own.
Season: Spring
Registration is a must.

Stay tuned for #90 next week, same time same place.


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