What Our Readers Think: Summer Woes in Montauk

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Last week, East Hampton Patch posted a video in which Montauk locals voiced concerns about their hometown, from traffic to wilder parties. They said Montauk is loosing its small-town feel. 

Patch readers responded, adding their two cents. The following is a round-up of their comments. Feel free to keep the conversation going by adding your thoughts to the comment section below. 

Christopher WoodringWake up Montauk, you want tourism. Heavy traffic volume, big partying and the occasional misbehaved person, all go with the territory. 

MontaukmanWe all need to remember, the Jersey shore is more or less gone(ever see so many NJ plates). The Rockaways beaches are gone, Fire Island is a shell of what it was. Our beaches are the healthiest in the area. This contributes greatly to the "overcrowdedness" of all of East Hampton in. In time, this will all settle down again. We all must have patience.

Bob EhmannMontauk is turning into something it was never supposed to be, part of the Hamptons.

John PineThe Cidiots (or Bennys as they call them in Jersey) are out of control over the whole east end of LI. It's a shame that nice, relaxing places like Montauk (as well as the north fork, yeah its starting there too) have been turned into a satellite version of Manhattan in summers. From Riverhead on east it's just a parade of BMW's and Range Rovers clogging the roads.

SadderBudweiserAre "to go" cups now allowed in Montauk? At approximately 9:00 pm last night I noticed drinks and beer bottles beings consumed openly by people walking to and/ or from Surf Lodge, Sole East and near Ruschmeyers/Navy Beach. I like these places and support their right to exist an provide entertainment...to a reasonable and safe number of people at reasonable hours.

podjoeI last visited Montauk about ten years ago, It was a tourist trap then, I can't imagine it being anything else now. You get what you ask for.

podjoeMore Police is the answer. Try driving through Westhampton Beach sometime. Anybody there complaining? You drive into town through a traffic circle and right there is an enormous Police precinct. I go there to see a doctor weekly , the second time there I was pulled over for speeding (entrapment). I hate even going there, it's like driving through Nazi Germany, always cops there wallowing around in speed traps or following you, and hell, I'm not even a minority, unless you consider a middle aged white man to be a minority, (that's already here, my friends)
Jean Weiss-Hanson August 19, 2013 at 05:54 PM
Nice things done last forever. People will eventually ruin nice things.
Robert Stern August 20, 2013 at 09:01 AM
We East Enders do not have to accept that "change" means we just have to "suck it up" for a business model that shifts the costs/pollution/hazards/miseries onto us so private operators can make money any way they see fit. Let us convert personal outrage into a unified DEMAND for "change" that preserves what we value. With that will, there is a way. In 1969, Cleveland's Cuyahoga River caught fire from the oil slick/pollution from years of irresponsible economic "change". http://clevelandhistorical.org/items/show/63#.UhNg-xawF3E Emerging from public outrage over this and other environmental/public health calamities was the EPA -- founded by (!!) the Nixon Administration. Closer to home, the polluted Hudson River is getting cleaner due to officials' holding polluters accountable. Bottom line: vote for those whose quality-of life/economic policies are in alignment with your values...and then continue to hold their feet to the fire.
Nanci e. LaGarenne August 20, 2013 at 09:18 AM
yes, Bob Stern! it is Bob, yes? Anyway, when people believe they are victims and do nothing about their situation, in this case our town, then yes, bad things will ensue. The good will turn ugly. The choice is yours to sit and watch the "shitstorm" as it is being called, or get involved and protect your Montauk. Yep, you live here, it us yours. Mine too and my address is approx. 13 miles (?) west in EH. No matter, the whole suffers if one of its members suffers. We are a whole township, the villages, the hamlets. We are not the Jersey Shore, or Oceanside, or anywhere the place has become overcrowded and ugly. We are Montauk. Don't mess with us. You will be gone. Promise. Join your local community groups and vote in the candidates who give a shit. And watch change happen. If you do not, then you get what you are complaining about, a shitstorm. People do to you what you allow them to. There are rules. They mind them or get huge fines and hotels can not let them stay as guests, (note the word, Guests) again. If they behaved that way in their own homes, guaranteed their mommies and family would boot them out. One does not have to suffer fools to be in the tourism business. We still live here and raise families and work too. This is not your playground. You are a guest in our town. Act nice or leave. A rule of thumb for any life situation.


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