Scenescapes: Fly Over Downtown Sag Harbor

A bird's eye view of Bulova Watch Case Factory, Main Street, Long Wharf and LCpl Jordan C. Haerter Bridge.

With smartphones, capturing video is easier than ever.

Patch wants to encourage you to take video clips of anything quirky, beautiful, funny or dramatic you spot when you're about town, at home or anywhere.

Channel your inner digital Scorsese and email the clips to the Southampton Patch editor at brendan.j.oreilly@patch.com or the East Hampton Patch editor at taylor.vecsey@patch.com.

We'll do a quick edit and post it for your neighbors to check out.

Cully/EEFAS submitted this recent outtake from a helicopter flight over Sag Harbor.

Daniel Kleinmeier July 30, 2011 at 12:40 AM
A poem for East enders, by Daniel Hall Kleinmeier ( When The Montauk Gales) Giant tales from mighty sails have carved the sea, when the Montauk gales - Its the bottoms catch, thats what they seek-out from the shallows, and into the deep-One callous capt'n , he cursed the foam-his nets were empty, his men longed for home-So he pounded the decks , with rage and worry-His sensless deeds caused Montauk to fury-Sailors took fright, when he started to pray-With a rolling ship that would not obey-His faith in peril, their souls adrift-He remembered the One with the greatest gift- A fisher of men , who calmed the sea-Who'd cast His nets for you and me-And so by faith they lived the Almighty's hand-Washed ashore, and back to the land-To a place among the dunes , where a lighthouse shines-With a promise by God , to fnd their way home again , when the Montauk gales... .


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