Montauk Historian Profiles 'American Gibralter' Through Wartime Past

Henry Osmers, historian at Montauk Historical Society, profiled in 'Newsday' article on fourth book.

For the war buffs out there, or those looking to get a history aficionado a gift this holiday season, Henry Osmers' most recent text about Montauk Point's roles in various wartime affairs throughout American history could be a great grab.

Over the weekend, Newsday profiled Osmers and his most recent work, American Gibralter: Montauk and the Wars of America. Osmers is the Montuak Lighthouse historian with the Montauk Historical Society, and has written three other books about "American Gibralter."

According to the article, Osmers is quoted as saying, "The Montauk Peninsula was armed and was considered vital to the defense of the coastline."

The book will be available at before Christmas hits, and is currently available at the lighthouse gift shop and on Amazon.com.

Read the full Newsday article here.


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