Help East Hampton Patch Make a Pre-blizzard List of Supplies

Readers help us compile a list of needed items and things to do before a storm.

Unlike that cute little fish in the Pixar movie, weather forecasters say the blizzard nicknamed Nemo heading toward the area is likely to pack quite a wallop.

So a full day before it’s predicted to hit, we started our pre-blizzard list and enlisted our Facebook fans to help. Add your suggestions in the comments below.


Richard Osterberg, Jr. had plenty of tips, from essentials such as bottled water, batteries and flash lights to things people may not generally think about such as lock de-icer and a tow strap for the car. 

Above all, though, he says most things people should do to get ready, they already know.

"All common sense items many people forget about ... Use common sense and be safe, don't go out unless you have to, let the highway crews do their job."

Need to know where to stock up on supplies? Check our directory.

Marypat Goodale offered a tip that might supersede any other, for those who just have a hard time functioning without it: make coffee early.

"Make a pot or two and save in fridge before storm hits. That way, if you loose power ya still got coffee. Cole coffee is better than no coffee!" she wrote.

Others simply offered one-word items they plan on having at home: booze, candles, dry firewood, gas and more. Four Oaks Deli in Montauk reminded locals that they were opening early on Friday with supplies for anyone in need.

Help us add to our list of pre-blizzard things to stock up on or check on. What are the essentials?


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