Find Out How You Did On the Women's History Quiz

Did you know the answers?

Here are the answers to the women's history quiz prepared by Hugh King, in honor of Women's History month. How did you do? 

1. Who was the first African American teacher hired in the East Hampton school system?

Answer: Lucille Teel

2. Who was the first woman to travel across the Rockies in a covered wagon? Hint: She's from Sag Harbor.

Answer: Polly Swett

3. Who was the first Native American mentioned in the town records?

Answer: Quashawan

4. Which woman is credited with directing the Marine Band to play a specific march whenever the President of the United States enters a public event?

Answer: Julia Gardiner Tyler (the woman pictured in the photo)

5. Who was the first female Supervisor of the Town of East Hampton?

Answer: Judith Hope

6. Who is the woman who gave the land for Guild Hall, the East Hampton Library and Nature Trail in the village?

Answer: Mary Woodhouse

7. Who was the first woman historian in East Hampton?

Answer: Jeannette Edwards Rattray

8. Who is Mary Olivia Slocum?

Answer: Mrs. Russell Sage, Sag Harbor's greatest benefactor

9. Who was the first female published author in the Town of East Hampton?

Answer: Cornelia Huntington, who wrote "Sea Spray" in 1957.

10. Who was the first woman elected to the East Hampton Village Board?

Answer: Current Deputy Mayor Barbara Borsack

Thanks to Mr. King for sharing these questions with us and to everyone who played!


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