Bloggers Take on National Media, Local History

A round-up of blogs posted during the week of Dec. 31.

2013 started off with a flurry of new posts in our Local Voices section on East Hampton. We welcomed a few new bloggers this week, and heard from some folks who hadn't posted in a while — we're happy to have heard from them all. Here were the top five from this week:

1. National Media Gun Agenda

We welcomed a new blogger this week. Darren Gengarelly Sr. told us about an off-duty sheriff who stopped a man who shot his ex-girlfriend in a restaurant in Texas. He asked why this wasn't covered by the national media, sparking a discussion on Patch. Check it out.

2. Time Flies...and We're Having Fun

Maureen Rutkowski gave us the 411 on some of the youth programs and activities happening around us East End. If you are looking for some fun, check her post.

3. Alumni Panel at EHHS

Nineteen 2012 East Hampton High School graduates returned to talk to students about what the first year of college is like. Bridget LeRoy shares what kind of advice they had for the underclassmen.


Blake Fleetwood takes on the concept of a modern-day asylum as a way of preventing some of the most tragic criminal acts.

5. Astro Pizza & Felice's Ristorante Brief History

We are also happy to have Sofia Marques-Stipanov blogging on Patch. She gave us some history of her family's restaurant business, which they've owned for over 40 years. You are sure to be hungry for a slice when you're done.

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