5 Ways to Be Healthy

If you need some suggestions on how to kick-start your fall workout routine, search no further.

Looking for some ways to kickstart your fall workout routine or just want to try something new? Here are some suggestions.

1. How about getting your mind right first? A is offered at in Amagansett on Thursdays from noon until 1 p.m. No appointment is needed for the private sessions that are 15 minutes each. Just offer a donation to Evan Rofheart.

2. Take a yoga class at in East Hampton Village. They share a space with Norma Jean Pilates, which offers a class or two with owner Hayley Schmitz a day. You can even get two workouts in back-to-back.

3. in Amagansett is locally owned and operated. They have a full schedule online, are planning a fundraiser for local woman Lisa Craine, and offering an outdoor bootcamp on Columbus Day.

4. How about a tennis lesson before it gets too cold? We've got plenty of tennis facilities. Try or to find local professionals.

5. is still offering lessons even though the water temperature has dipped a bit. Paddleboarding is especially nice this time of year on the calm waters


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