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Mo Neill April 17, 2014 at 11:53 AM
From George Demos to Lee Zeldin is akin to a movement from flushing the toilet to floating in theRead Morese wer. Both are against medical care for all Americans, from constraining insurance companies ripping everybody off, dropping people for catastrophic illness going over allotted limits, dropping people for pre-existing medical issues (I know this one well. After heart surgery my insurance company that I had paid for 20 yrs refused to pay, saying the heart condition existed before I started w/ their company & I had disclosed it. The hospital ended up holding the bag & were forced to sue the company.) Zeldin & Demos both had & have no objection to insurance company profiteering & cherry picking clientele, & dropping a patient for whatever reason they chose. Thank god for Obamacare! Obstructionists & insurance company representatives in Congress (yes, those clowns in D.C. were paid for kowtowing to wishes of the insurance industry with enormous campaign contributions.) Just what would either Demos or Zeldin put forward to lower costs? They offer nothing! They have no plan. zilch. People without the means to pay would still have to seek charity care in hospital ERs, paid for by the taxpayer--an extremely expensive way to deliver health care. A thirty yr old I know had an emergency appendectomy at Southampton hospital & he is still paying off a $22,000. bill because he had no insurance! Thank goodness we are represented by Tim Bishop, who cares about middle class families & supported lowering out of control medical costs. Tax payers had to pay for the medical care of 45 million people who were without health coverage. 80% of families who sought bankruptcy in courts did so to save their homes because of overwhelming medical debt, still millions lost their homes to foreclosure. Don't be daft, Ronnie, Demos & Zeldin both are millionaires who sought Tea Party endorsement & STILL DO. Sell-out Altschuler, has moved on to live in Virginia in a district similar to ours (which rejected him twice) where he is expected to run again on the Repub line with monies ($200 million) he got for sending good American jobs overseas. Demos, Zeldin & Altschuler are ambitious birds of a feather--& quite an ugly feather--who care only about their careers. Rich, spoilt & cruel.